Thank You For Loving Me Even When I Felt Unlovable

Thank You
Unsplash / Blake Cheek

Thank you for loving me on my drunken nights. The nights when I know I should slow down, but force myself full speed ahead anyway because I need a release, I need to let loose, I need the freedom to act irresponsibly. Thank you for helping me walk steady and holding my hair back and accepting my hungover apologies in the morning.

Thank you for loving me on my moody mornings. The mornings when an attitude escapes from my lips without me even realizing. The mornings when I act grouchy because all I want to do is crawl back into bed. Thank you for continuing to treat me with kindness, even when it would be so much easier to snap at me the way I have been snapping at you.

Thank you for loving me when my insecurities take over. Thank you for finding a million different ways to compliment me, to make me feel more comfortable in my body. Thank you for not getting too frustrated when I spend an hour in front of the mirror or the closet, trying to look good but feeling like a mess. Thank you for reminding me of my worth when I cannot see it anymore.

Thank you for loving me when we are not on speaking terms, when we are giving each other the silent treatment after an argument. Thank you for still cooking me food and pulling the blanket over me and checking to make sure I am okay, even when you are not in the mood to look at me. Thank you for always putting my comfort in front of your annoyance. Thank you for loving me even when you are frustrated with me.

Thank you for loving me when life gets the best of both of us, when we do not have as much time to spend together as usual, when most of our talking happens over text or over a quick dinner after work. Thank you for trying to squeeze as much affection into as little time as possible. Thank you for not letting distance or chores or other responsibilities get in the way of our love story.

Thank you for loving me when I feel like it is undeserved. Thank you for lifting me up and encouraging me and teaching me how to view myself in a new light. Thank you for making me feel important. Thank you for making me feel like I have done something right. Thank you for believing in me in a way I could never believe in myself.

Thank you for loving me when my old fears come back and love is the last thing I want to offer or accept. Thank you for reminding me there is a good reason people take risks with relationships instead of settling for a life of solitude to avoid getting hurt. Thank you for everything you have done for me, everything you have said to me, everything you have made me feel. I could never say thank you enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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