Stay Single Because Boys Suck Anyway

Stay Single
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Stay single because a relationship is not going to be as much fun as you are imagining in your head anyway. Chances are the person you fall for is going to end up hurting you, disappointing you, and breaking up with you after only a few months of getting to know you. You might as well stay single for now — until you find the right guy, a good guy (because they are out there, they are just a little rough to find).

Stay single because you do not need a relationship in order to feel good about yourself. You have female friends who are going to boost you up, who are going to leave likes across your selfies, who are going to remind you that you look gorgeous exactly the way you are. These friends can go to museums with you and grab brunch with you and stare at the stars with you. You can do (pretty much) everything with them that you would be doing with a boyfriend.

Stay single because relationships suck, too. You shouldn’t feel like you are missing out on anything. On your lonely nights, you might wish you had someone to cuddle and laugh alongside, but your married friends miss bits and pieces of the single life. There are pros and cons to both sides. While you are still single, stop focusing on the negatives and try searching for some positives — because they do exist.

Stay single because getting married is not the only milestone worth achieving. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a relationship, but you can never forget that there are so many other ways you can reach success as a woman. You can climb the career ladder. You can buy your own house. You can pursue your passions or learn a new skill. Love (literally) isn’t everything. Your relationship status does not define your worth. Not even a little bit.

Stay single because most of your crushes aren’t going to be worth your time. If the person you are interested in talks down to you, if they play games with you, or if they only seem interested in sleeping with you, then you should not even give them a chance. Never feel obligated to accept a date offer or kiss them on the lips out of politeness, because your body belongs to yourself. Who cares if they call you a tease or a bitch? All that matters is your own happiness.

Stay single because there is a guy out there who is perfect for you — and when you meet him, you won’t have a doubt in your mind about him. When it comes to him, you won’t even consider listening to this whole ‘stay single’ advice because you’ll know the right move for you is giving him a chance and seeing where the relationship takes you.

So what I am really saying is… Stay single until you find someone who is worth your effort. Stay single until you decide you would be much happier with the guy standing right in front of you. Stay single until you find your forever. TC mark


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