Only Date Someone Who Is Present

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Date someone who sits down for dinner with you and leaves his phone in his pocket, out of view, not someone who keeps pausing conversations to answer texts and stare at a screen because he does not value your time spent together.

Date someone who looks you in the eyes as you speak, not someone who keeps glancing back at the television because he is waiting for you to finish talking so he can return to watching his show.

Date someone who is completely focused on you over the weekends, not someone who keeps answering phone calls and emails from work even though he promised that he would take a break from his job to spend quality time with you.

Date someone who is present. Someone who is not only there physically, but is there spiritually and emotionally.

Date someone who looks you directly in the eyes as you speak and adds input to the conversation, not someone who gets lost in daydreams because he was bored by whatever you were saying.

Date someone who looks at you like you are the most beautiful person in the world, not someone who keeps getting distracted by every other girl with a nice body who happens to walk past.

Date someone who listens closely to stories he can tell are important to you, not someone who keeps jumping in every five seconds with his own story because he would rather be the one talking.

Date someone who pays attention to you even when you are in a crowded room filled with his friends, not someone who forgets you exist the second other people are around to keep him company.

Date someone who actually talks to you when you are seated across one another at the dinner table or when you are snuggled in bed together, not someone who sits there in silence because he has nothing to say.

Date someone who notices when you chop three inches from your hair or come home with tears glistening in your eyes, not someone who barely looks at you when you walk into the room.

Date someone who really sees you, not someone who looks right through you.

You should not feel like you are alone when your person is sitting right next to you. You should not feel like you are being ignored when you were supposed to be spending a romantic night together. You should not feel neglected or unappreciated or unseen.

When you are with your person, you should feel like the spotlight is on you. You should feel like the two of you are the only ones in the room. You should feel like what you have to say is important because he is treating you like it’s important, like he is dying to hear your words.

Date someone who is present when you are together, not someone who always has something else to do or something else to think about while you are standing right in front of him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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