Never Chase Someone Who Treats You Like A Second Choice

Second Choice
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Do not send a third text when he failed to answer you back the first two times.

Do not get dressed up to see him when he could not care less what he looks like around you.

Do not ask him to hang out over the weekend when he canceled on you the last ten times you were supposed to meet up.

Do not tell all of your friends about how excited you are to have met him when his friends have never even heard your name.

Do not spend all of your time thinking about him and all of your energy hoping to impress him when he does not even appreciate you.

Do not wait for him to change his mind about you when you have already given him everything you have to offer.

Never chase after someone who treats you like a second choice. Someone who would not even notice if you were gone, because they are too focused on themselves (or because they have too many other options to keep track of).

Never chase someone who picks and chooses when to give you attention and when to withhold it.

Never chase someone who will flirt with you in private, but acts like you are only a friend when other people are around.

Never chase someone who will be there for you when it’s convenient but will disappear the rest of the time.

Never chase someone who has looked you in the eyes and said he is not sure whether he is ready for a relationship right now.

Never chase someone who has flirted with other girls right in front of your face.

You are meant to be more than a secondary option. More than a just in case. 

Never chase someone who only makes plans with you at the last second when he has nothing better to do.

Never chase someone who makes excuses instead of apologies.

Never chase someone who makes you put in all of the hard work without even once initiating a conversation or a date or a text.

Never chase someone who keeps dating apps on his phone because he wants to continue playing the field.

Never chase someone who shows up later than he promised because he could not care less about keeping you waiting.

You should not settle for someone who thinks so little of you. You should not put yourself through that kind of pain, because you deserve to be someone’s first priority and their first thought every morning.

Never chase someone who stares at his phone while you are speaking.

Never chase someone who only sends texts after midnight.

Never chase someone who only seems interested when he’s wasted.

Never chase someone who only wants you for one thing.

Never chase someone. Period. Because you should be with someone who wants you just as badly. Someone who realizes how fortunate he is to have found you. Someone who would never run away or avoid being caught. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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