Love Yourself Enough To Leave

Unsplash / Maura Silva

You love him enough to fight for him. To chase after him. To forgive him when he apologizes. To believe him when he lies. To wait a lifetime for him to change, even though he hasn’t been making any process thus far.

You love him enough to stay, to deal with all of his bullshit, even though a part of you knows you deserve so much better.

But how much do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to put your foot down? To speak up to him? To stand up for yourself? To decide you are worth more than half his respect, half his attention, half his heart?

If you loved yourself, then you would realize waiting for him is a waste of your time. You shouldn’t have to beg someone to treat you with respect. You shouldn’t have to count down the minutes until they decide to pay attention to you again. The right person for you will not give you reasons to walk away, he will only give you reasons to stay.

If you loved yourself, then you would rearrange your priorities. You would stop placing him first. You would stop neglecting what you care about so you have more time for him. You would allow yourself to act selfish for a change. You would ask yourself what would make you happy, not him.

If you loved yourself, then you wouldn’t allow him to play so many games with you. You wouldn’t nod your head when you saw his stories were not lining up. You wouldn’t invite him into your bedroom when you realized your body was the only thing he wanted from you. You wouldn’t let him put you through this kind of constant heartache.

If you loved yourself, then you would not keep giving him the benefit of the doubt. You would not offer him a million chances. You would have higher standards. You would get frustrated with him when he failed to meet your expectations, not frustrated with yourself for being too emotional.

If you loved yourself, then you would see the way he is treating you is not out of love. He is treating you more like a toy, like an object, like a possession. He only wants you around on his terms. He takes you for granted because he does not realize your worth. He is unaware of your value, your beauty, your strength.

If you loved yourself, then you would realize you are stuck in an unhealthy situation. You would listen to the friends who warned you to walk away. You would consider an exit strategy. You would decide this cannot go on for any longer so he can either make a change or lose you forever.

So love yourself enough to look at this situation logically instead of blindly following a heart that has already betrayed you.

Love yourself enough to place your own happiness in front of his.

Love yourself enough to make the right decision.

Love yourself enough to leave.  TC mark


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