It Takes Strength To Block Their Number

Block Their Number
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It takes strength to block their number because it is more than an action. It is a symbol of goodbye. It represents you choosing to rise above your heartbreak. You deciding that you deserve more than what they put you through. You admitting that there is no reason to run back to your past because your future is bound to be brighter without them around casting shade.

It takes strength to block their number because there are going to be nights where you wonder whether they have been thinking about you, whether they have written out texts to you that you have not received. You are going to imagine all of the hurtful things they could have said to you that you missed. Then you are going to imagine all of the apologies they might have given, all of the promises they may have made to get you back.

It takes strength to block their number (and to keep that number blocked) because even though there is no way for you to contact them, the temptation remains. It does not go away. There are still going to be moments where you consider what you would say to them if you were given the chance, moments where you spill your heart out to the imaginary version of them housed inside your mind.

It takes strength to block their number because you always have the choice of unblocking it. There are going to be times when you open up your blocked contacts and debate erasing them from the list, because it would be easy. It would take two seconds and only one or two taps on the screen to receive their messages again and to send your own.

It takes strength to block their number because it’s the only thing holding you back from keeping in touch with them, from being involved in their life again, from allowing them to hurt you again.

It takes strength to block their number because they used to mean so much to you. There was a time when you would have freaked out about losing track of your phone for five minutes because you never wanted to miss a message from them. Because you wanted to keep the conversation going all day long. Because you could not wait to hear from them again.

It takes strength to block their number because it’s not something you ever wanted to do. It might have brought you relief, but it never brought you happiness. You never intended on saying goodbye to them. Not hearing from them brings you as much pain as it is probably bringing them. You hate it. It’s not easy for you, either.

You would love to hear their voice, to see their name appear on your screen with heart emojis, but you know that is not good for you. You know you cannot allow them back into your world. You know you did the right thing by removing them from your phone, because you cannot keep moving forward when they are around to hold you back. TC mark

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