I Don’t Know What I Want From This World, But I Know I Want You

I Want You
God & Man

I’m not sure where the future is going to bring me. I don’t have a set path that I am walking towards. The only thing I am certain about is how I feel about you.

I want to spend the rest of my life alongside you. I don’t want anyone else taking your place because in my eyes you are irreplaceable. You are my only constant. You are permanent. You are not going anywhere as long as I can help it.

You are the person I want to celebrate my successes alongside. You are the person I want to cry with when things go haywire. You are the person I want through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad. I want you, only you, you and me forever.

I can imagine my life heading in a bunch of different directions, but the one thing I cannot imagine is moving forward without you.

I am aware that I am a complete mess most of the time. I am confused. I am lost. I am uncertain. But you are the one thing I have figured out. The one thing that I have done correctly. The one thing I would never change.

I am so thankful to have you inside my world. To know that no matter what hardships come my way, I am never going to have to deal with them alone. I am never going to feel isolated. Even when the earth crumbles beneath my feet, I am always going to have you around to lift me back up, to encourage me to keep going even when trying feels pointless.

For the most part, I don’t know what I want from this world. I don’t know what would make me happy. I am still trying to decide which path I should take moving forward. I am still struggling to discover myself.

There are a million questions I have left, a million things that I haven’t planned out yet, but I know one thing. I know I love you. I am never going to hurt you. I am always going to be there to support you — and I know you are going to do the same for me. It’s not even a question in my mind. It’s a fact.

Maybe it’s because the future seems so far away or maybe it’s because I change my mind all the time, but I cannot even begin to guess where we are going to end up living or what we are going to end up doing in the future. I only know we are going to do it together. As a team. We are never going to separate. We are never going to call it quits.

I might not know much, but I know how I feel about you. I know that wherever I go, I want you to be there standing next to me. I want you along for the journey. I never want to release my hold on your hand. I never want to wake up without you stirring beside me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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