I Am Slowly Learning To Pace Myself

Pace Myself
Unsplash / Vladimir Fedotov

I am slowly learning to take one day at a time. To stop trying to predict the future and to live in the moment.

I am slowly learning it is okay if my goals are far from my reach now. If I take little steps forward every single day, then I will still reach my destination. That is a much better option than putting too much on my plate at once and stressing myself out until I am ready to give up. Slow and steady always has a better chance of winning the race, which is why I am giving myself permission to stop pushing so hard.

There are a million goals I want to accomplish but they are never going to happen overnight anyway so I might as well be careful with my mental state. I do not want to overextend myself and risk snapping apart. I do not want to take on much more than I can handle.

I am slowly learning to stop thinking so much, to stop having a million things on my mind at any given time, and to stop multitasking because I do not want to sacrifice quality for quantity. I do not want to make mistakes because my mind is being pulled in a dozen different directions at once.

I am slowly learning to pace myself because not everything needs to be done today. That does not mean I am allowed to procrastinate. That does not mean I am allowed to get lazy. It means I am allowed to space out my to-do list so I have room to breathe, so that I am not running around like crazy trying to get everything finished now.

I am slowly learning how to organize my time better. I won’t be able to see friends every single day, but I won’t be able to work twelve hours every single day either. Some days will be more productive than others. Some days will have different end goals.

I am slowly learning I do not have to be on the go constantly. I should set aside some spare time to rest because if I do not recharge, then I will not be able to do my best work. I will only be half-there, half-awake, half-alert.

I am slowly learning to pace myself because there are only twenty-four hours in a day. I cannot be mad at myself when I am already being as productive as possible, when I am putting my heart and soul into my work. I have to give myself a break. I have to decide that I am doing enough, even on the days when I feel like I could have done more.

I am slowly learning it is okay to take my time because there is no age limit on success. There is no cut-off point where I will no longer be able to reach my dreams. It is okay if I am moving slowly. All that matters is that I am moving. TC mark


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