How To Chase Away An Old Soul

Old Soul
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You are going to chase away an old soul by craving adventure and spontaneity. You cannot expect an old soul to spend every weekend dancing at clubs or drinking at bars. They are excited about leaving the house for certain events but after a long work week, all they want to do is stay inside and relax. Most of the time, they won’t have the energy to socialize at parties or hop from restaurant to restaurant. They would rather enjoy quality time with you, one-on-one, in the quiet of their own home. 

Old souls need to date someone who sees the value in reading, in listening to music, in watching reruns of old movies. They are not the type to go go go. They prefer to move at a slower pace. They don’t want to feel rushed. They don’t want to pack their week with a million different social obligations. They do not need to set any exciting, complicated plans in order to feel alive. The simple things make them the happiest. They do not ask for much. They are the embodiment of low-maintenance.

You are going to chase away an old soul by valuing material items over quality time together. You cannot win their affection by buying them expensive jewelry and whisking them away on luxury vacations. As much as they would appreciate your gifts, they would rather sit down with you and have an authentic conversation for hours than be sent a present in the mail. To them, words mean more than actions do. 

Old souls want to connect. They do not want to have mindless conversations over text. They want you to sit on the couch alongside them and cuddle while you swap stories about your pasts and dreams about your futures. They are good talkers and even better listeners. That is why they will ask so many questions and expect you to give in-depth answers. They want to know the real you, the you that is hidden from the rest of the world. 

You are going to chase away an old soul by keeping your distance from them emotionally. They are not looking for flings. They do not see the appeal of one-night stands or booty calls or almosts. They are searching for the real deal. Otherwise, they aren’t going to bother with you. They are going to view you as yet another person who wants something different, something they could never give you.

Old souls are down to earth. They do not want to deal with any drama. They would rather sit down and have a mature conversation than get into a screaming match over a misunderstanding. They are responsible. They were considered adults by their peers even when they were young, because they have always had a good head on their shoulders.

Old souls are intelligent. They are problem solvers. They are the perfect person to date, as long as you share the same interests and never push them out of their comfort zones prematurely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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