How To Break A Sensitive Girl’s Heart

Sensitive Girl
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You can break a sensitive girl’s heart by having deep conversations with her. Talk about more than celebrity gossip and the weather. Ask her questions and give personal answers when she wants to know the same. Make her feel like you two have developed a strong, genuine connection and then walk away without a word. Make her wonder whether your chemistry was all in her head or whether those late night conversations meant as much to you as they did to her.

You can break a sensitive girl’s heart by abandoning her at the worst possible time. Wait until you get close to her, wait until she pulls her guard down for you, and then screw her over in the end.

When you stop answering her texts and start posting pictures with other girls, then she is going to be heartbroken. She is going to feel completely betrayed by you.

It doesn’t matter whether you were in an official relationship with her or whether you were only two friends with sexual tension. Either way, she is going to be crushed, because she cared about you. Because she thought you were different.

The situation wouldn’t have been as painful if you treated her like all of the fuckboys she came across in the past who made sexualized comments and only texted her while drunk. With those boys, she knew where she stood. She knew what they wanted from her. She knew to keep her distance from the start.

You will break a sensitive girl’s heart by walking away after weeks of acting like she matters to you. Like you have real feelings for her. Like you are ready to commit.

The worst thing you can do is mess with her emotions. She grows attached to people easily, especially when they appear vulnerable. Especially when they show her sides that they keep hidden from the rest of society.

When you leave a sensitive girl without a word, she will struggle to get over you because it’s not like you were some stranger who she hooked up with at random. You got to know each other intimately. You shared stories and secrets. You made her feel like she mattered, like there was someone else in this world who understood her.

When you leave, she will have a lot of questions, but why did you go is not the one that will bother her the most. She will be wondering why you were nice to her in the first place. Why you held her hand and brushed her hair back. Why you made her feel beautiful and intelligent and wanted if you knew you were not interested in her, if you knew you were eventually going to leave.

If you want to break a sensitive girl’s heart, then wordlessly tell her you love her in a million different ways — by sending good morning messages and massaging her shoulders and telling all your friends about how lucky you are to have met her — and then walk away without giving her a reason why. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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