Fall In Love With A Lazy Girl

Unsplash / Sarah Noltner

Fall in love with a lazy girl because she is not going to have unrealistically high expectations for you. She is not going to want you to swoop into her bedroom, grab her hand, and whisk her away on a spontaneous adventure every weekend.

Most days, she is perfectly happy staying indoors with a movie, a video game, or a board game. As long as there are chips, pizza, and cozy blankets to cuddle beneath, then she is happy. She is low-maintenance that way. She doesn’t ask for anything crazy. She cares more about spending quality time with the people she loves than doing something exciting with them.

Fall in love with a lazy girl because she has the best conversation starters, the best sense of humor, the best hypothetical questions. She is able to keep herself and her friends entertained without stepping foot out of the house. She has a quick wit. She has a million thoughts. Even though she likes to keep her body relaxed in bed with her laptop, her mind is always alert, always engaged.

Fall in love with a lazy girl because her favorite dates are ones that involve staring at the stars, lounging on beach chairs, and sipping on drinks while watching old films. She appreciates nature and good books and late night talks. She values intellect over beauty. She prefers deep conversations to shallow ones.

Fall in love with a lazy girl because she prefers to be on her own — which means her decision to date you is a big one. She will not like you for vain reasons. If she wants to spend time with you, it’s because you interest her. Because she wants to hear your point of view and explore your thoughts. Because she is happier alongside you than she is in an empty room, which is rare for her.

Fall in love with a lazy girl because she is going to help you appreciate the now. When you are with her, you will learn how to relax, how to live in the moment, how to stop multitasking and just breathe for a minute. She will teach you the importance of slowing down and really looking at what is surrounding you instead of taking it all for granted. She will help you see the world with different eyes.

Fall in love with a lazy girl because ‘lazy’ does not mean ‘boring.’ There are still times when she will want to leave the house, when she will be eager to take a train to the city to see a Broadway show or when she will want to slip into yoga pants and go zip-lining or when she will want to walk through haunted houses with her hand clasped in yours.

Fall in love with a lazy girl because she does not need material items to make her happy. As long as she is in the same room as someone she cares about, she feels blessed. She feels like she is exactly where she is meant to stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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