Your Strength Makes You Easier To Love

Unsplash / Laura Marques

Strong girls are easier to love because they have been through hell but they have come out on the other side intact. They might be broken and bruised, but those are not signs of their weakness. Those are signs that they are complete and utter badasses. They have seen the worst — in the world and in themselves — but their hearts are still beating and their lungs are still sucking in air. They are warriors. Survivors. Winners.

Strong girls are easier to love because they are understanding. They are not going to run away at the first signs of trouble. If you have baggage, that is okay, because they have baggage too. They are not going to judge you for your past or think less of you because of what you have been through. They gravitate toward ‘imperfect’ because it is more raw and real. They are not interested in living a pretend life where everything goes right. They realize this world is messy.

Strong girls are easier to love because they are unafraid of vulnerability. They have suffered through losses of family members and have undergone heart-shattering experiences, which is why they know the importance of speaking from the soul. They know they can never say the words I love you enough. They allow their feelings to pour from their lips. They embrace their innermost emotions. They do not want to wait until it is too late to express what another person means to them, because they know how cruel the universe can be. They know someone special could be taken away overnight.

Strong girls are easier to love because they love loudly. They are fiery. Passionate. Spirited. When they have burning hot feelings for someone, they offer their heart on a silver platter. They do not hold back their affection to avoid coming across as clingy. They could not care less what others think of them. They laugh when they want to laugh. They kiss when they want to kiss. They do not let any moment go to waste because they are not sure what tomorrow will bring so they might as well enjoy today.

Strong girls are easier to love because they are on a never-ending path toward self-improvement. They want to become better people. They want to achieve their own personal definition of success. Whenever they reach a goal, they create a new dream. They appreciate what they have but they are never fully  satisfied with what they have because they want to keep moving forward. They do not want to decide their life is good enough and settle. They want to form a better future for themselves each and every day.

Strong girls are easier to love because they are excited by the idea of love, of having someone concrete in their world who will never leave, of having someone around who will help them shoulder their stress and survive the rough times ahead.

Strong girls could do it alone, but they would be more than happy to have you join them on their journey.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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