When You Love Someone, You Let Your Walls Down

Let Your Walls Down
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You cannot keep your heart guarded forever. Once you find someone — someone you can trust, someone you can rely on, someone who gives you respect and affection and everything you have ever hoped to receive — then you have to let down the walls that have been protecting you. You have to take a risk, even though it’s scary.

Yes, you could end up having your heart shattered in the end. Your person could abandon you or let you down. But if you never take that chance, if you never allow another person to fully infiltrate your world, then you will be breaking your own heart.

You can risk falling in love or you can risk feeling lonely forever. You can risk giving someone a chance or risk a lifetime of regret about how you walked away before your relationship even began.

When you love someone, you are taking a leap. You are giving them access to your soul. You are giving them the tools to hurt you — but you are also giving them the tools to make you happier than you have ever been before. You just have to have faith they are going to use the right ones, that they are going to choose to cherish you rather than forsake you.

When you love someone, you have to tear down your walls, because they haven’t been protecting you as well as you thought. For such a long time, you kept your guard up. You pushed people away. You called yourself a lone wolf. But didn’t you still experience sadness? Weren’t there still moments when you were disappointed? Just because you were able to hide your emotions doesn’t mean you were able to turn them off.

When you love someone, you have to allow your vulnerable side to be seen. You cannot keep pretending the way you do around the rest of the world. Your feelings should not be hidden. Your emotions should not be repressed. Your person deserves to know who you really are — and a big part of who you are is how you react to things. So let yourself cry in front of them. Let yourself get excited. Let yourself feel.

Show them every single side of you without covering up. If they are the right person for you, then you will not have to work hard to impress them. It will happen naturally, in the moments when you don’t even realize you are being seen. They will spot you reading a book and think about how cute you look as your eyes scan the words. They will hear the excitement in your voice when you talk about your favorite show and swoon over how passionate you sound. They will fall in love with the pieces of yourself you never thought about before.

That is why you shouldn’t pretend in front of them. You shouldn’t put on an act by saying what you think they want to hear, because the real you is more than enough. The real you is someone worth loving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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