What Happens When You Become Comfortable In A Relationship

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Being comfortable doesn’t have to mean that you stop putting effort into your relationship, that you stop dressing up nice and going on dates and initiating sex.

Being comfortable can actually be a good thing. It could bring you closer than you ever thought possible.

Being comfortable means that you don’t freak out when they take too long to answer a text. You barely even notice because you haven’t been staring at your phone with your heart thumping hard in your chest. You have been doing your own thing, living your own life. You feel confident they will answer when they have the time and that they are not purposefully ignoring you. You trust them enough to know you’ll hear from them sometime soon.

Being comfortable means that you don’t rush to slip into a sexy dress and apply make-up before they show up at your front door because you don’t mind having them see the unfiltered version of you. You know they won’t mind if your hair is still wet from the shower or if your eye lashes haven’t been glued on yet. You aren’t embarrassed about having them see you half-finished from your morning routine, because they love you regardless of your looks.

Being comfortable means that you feel free to speak your mind. When they say something you disagree with or you consider hurtful, you let them know it. You express your uncensored opinions to them because you aren’t afraid of them running away and abandoning you. You know they would rather hear what you have to say and talk through the issue than have you suffer in silence.

Being comfortable means that you don’t always have to be on when you are around them. You don’t force yourself to fake smiles and act like you are having a good time, because they would never want you to pretend. You have seen every single side of each other, which means you are allowed to be in a bad mood in front of them. You are allowed to be quiet. You are allowed to be lazy and cuddle against their chest instead of being on your best behavior to impress them.

Being comfortable means you are your authentic self around them. You don’t feel like you can only eat salads around them. You don’t feel like you have to hold back your snorting laugh around them. You don’t feel like you have to lie about how much money you make or how many relationship you’ve been in or how much you like them. You can tell them anything without worrying about their response.

Being comfortable means you stop trying so hard. You don’t spend hours wording a text. You say the first thing that pops into your head. You don’t get self-conscious about whether they will like the way you kiss. You just enjoy their lips against your own. You don’t spend hours trying to decipher what their words meant. You just ask them.

Being comfortable means that you trust them. It means that you feel like you can rely on them. It means you are letting yourself believe in forever, because you are confident they are not going anywhere without you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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