Stay Single Because It’s Better Than A Casual Relationship

Disclaimer: If you WANT a casual relationship, then don’t hesitate to enter one! Have fun and don’t care what anybody else thinks! But this is for the girls who are interested in something more. The girls who want something real.
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If you have your heart set on entering a serious, committed relationship with someone who will want you and only you, then you should not settle for something casual in the meantime to make you feel less lonely.

Stay single because you do not want to grow attached to a person who has already made it clear they are never going to give you what you have been hoping to have.

Stay single because the fact that you are good enough to sleep with them but not good enough to date them is going to eat you up inside. It’s going to confuse you in a million different ways.

Stay single because you should not hand over what they want when they are unwilling to give you what you want. You should not have to sacrifice your happiness so they can experience happiness.

Stay single because you don’t want to fool yourself into thinking there is a chance they will change their mind about dating you and end up with your heart broken.

Stay single because when someone looks you in the eyes and tells you they are not ready for a relationship, they are not playing games or making excuses. They mean it.

Stay  single because it is easy to mistake physical affection for something deeper. It is easy to see signs that are not actually there when you are desperate to be loved in return.

Stay single because it will be even harder to get over them if you decide to take things to the next level with them.

Stay single because it’s easy for the lines to get blurred when you start sleeping with someone you have strong feelings for.

Stay single because you should not feel like sex is the only thing you have to offer. There is so much more to you than the curves of your body.

Stay single because it’s better to hold out for the kind of relationship you really want than to settle for the first thing that comes along.

Stay single because it’s better to let them go and give yourself a chance to forget about them than to sleep with them and have your feelings become even deeper for them.

Stay single because touching them is not going to make you feel close to them — not in the way that you want.

Stay single because a casual relationship is not better than no relationship. It is worse because you are always going to feel like you are within reach of what you want, but unable to grab it. You are always going to feel like something is missing.

Stay single because you deserve someone who only wants to be with you. Someone who sees all you have to offer. Someone who is willing to give up the single life because they would rather spend eternity cuddling with you than sleep with someone new every night.

Stay single because if a casual relationship is not what you really want, you are never going to be happy with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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