She Deserves More Than Your Confused Feelings For Her

Unsplash / Nick Karvounis

She deserves someone who is absolutely crazy about her. Someone who falls asleep with his phone clutched in his palm because he did not want to end his conversation with her. Someone who asks his friends for advice on how to impress her, because he does not want to mess this up. He would hate himself if he messed this up.

She deserves someone who directly asks her if she would like to go on a date, not someone who purposefully keeps the boundaries unclear because he is still not sure whether he wants to make the relationship official. Not someone who strings her along for much too long because he is bouncing back and forth between wanting to be her boyfriend and wanting to keep things casual.

She should not be stuck dealing with someone who has mixed feelings for her. Someone who is unsure whether she is worth settling down with or whether he should keep his single status for a little while longer just in case. 

She deserves more than an almost. More than a maybe. More than the occasional good morning text. More than scattered attention throughout the week.

She deserves someone who is serious about pursuing her. Someone who only wants her because nobody else will do. Nobody else makes his heart race as fast or his smile stretch so wide.

She is not meant to be a boy’s second choice, the person he settles for once he realizes there isn’t anyone else who wants him. She is meant to be loved back with intensity. She is meant to be given the same amount she has been graciously offering.

She deserves someone who is excited to take a chance on her, because he believes she is worth the effort. Someone who knows he is not going to look back on his decision to date her and regret it because there is not a doubt in his mind that she is the right one for him.

She does not deserve someone who is confused about his feelings for her. Someone who might change his mind about dating her days into the relationship. Someone who is always going to keep one eye open while they kiss, searching for a better opportunity.

She does not deserve the heartbreak of dating someone who is not entirely hers.

She does not deserve to feel lonely while she is in the same room as the person who supposedly loves her.

She does not deserve to deal with a one-sided relationship when there are people out there who are able to see her beauty easily. People who would be thankful to spend a second alongside her, let alone the rest of their lives.

She should never settle for someone fickle, someone who is confused about his feelings for her, because she deserves someone who is invested in the relationship. Someone who is serious about making things work because he would not be happy with anybody else. He only wants her. It has always been her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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