If Your ‘Forever Person’ Does These 12 Things, They Do Not Deserve You

1. They never say thank you. Whenever you do something kind for them, they do not give you a hug or a kiss on the cheek to show their appreciation. They act like they expected you to do what you have done. Like they have earned it.

2. They make harmful jokes. They ‘joke’ about how your cooking sucks and how you have put on weight and how they have secret relationships you do not know about. They act like they are only teasing, but you can tell they are being mean-spirited.

3. They make excuses whenever they hurt you. They never take responsibility for their own actions. Even if they say sorry, they will follow up the apology with an excuse about how they were drunk or how it was an accident or how it was actually your fault it happened.

4. They  lose their temper over unimportant things. If you fold the towels the ‘wrong’ way or leave dishes in the sink, they throw a fit. They make you feel like a piece of crap, just because you made the tiniest mistake.

5. They take control over you. They tell you how late you are allowed to stay out. Which friends you are allowed to see. Which places you are allowed to go. You have to ask them for permission before saying yes to anything because they have taken away your independence.

6. They have zero respect for your personal belongings. When they are angry, they will smash your cell phone. They will push your clothes off the bed to make room for themselves. They will eat your leftovers without asking. But if you touched anything of theirs all hell would break loose.

7. They try to diminish your interests. If you talk to them about your hobbies, your dreams, and your passions, they don’t want to hear it. They will change the subject or laugh in your face or tell you they don’t understand why you waste your time doing such pointless things.

8. They criticize your appearance. They point out when you gain weight or when your roots are showing. They order for you at restaurants so you don’t take in too many calories. They tell you to change before leaving the house because they don’t want to be seen with you when you look less than perfect.

9. They steal your thunder. They never allow you to be happy about anything. They will either one-up you or they will find a way to make you feel shitty about the thing you were originally excited about.

10. They are jealous of your successes. They don’t want you to make more money than them. They don’t want you to have fun without them. They don’t want you to have a reason to live outside of the fact that you are dating them.

11. They are overly protective. They will search through your texts and emails. They will start fights with anyone who looks at you for a little too long. They will mark you as their territory because that’s what they see you as — a piece of property.

12. They don’t keep track of important information. They have forgotten your birthday, forgotten your anniversary, and forgotten about that big party you told them about twenty times. They never seem to listen to the words escaping your lips — either that or they just don’t care enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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