If She Is Wondering Whether You Care, It’s Already Too Late

Wondering Whether You Care
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She should never have to wonder whether you are going to answer her texts, whether you are going to bail on plans, whether you are going to stay loyal, whether you even care about her at all.

She should not be confused about where you stand. She should not have to say it’s complicated when her friends ask about her situation.

She should feel confident you are going to remain by her side. There shouldn’t be any doubt in her mind about the way you feel about her. She should know deep in her heart that you love her, that you care about her, that you would never do anything to hurt her.

She should not question your feelings for her. She should not doubt you are telling the truth when you tell her you miss her and love her and would not want to be with anybody other than her.

If you are serious about committing to her, then you should make it clear that she is the only one you want. Delete your dating apps. Unfriend your exes. Tell your family about her. Put a label on your relationship.

You should not put her in a position where she has to decipher mixed messages.

You should not give her any reason to doubt whether your intentions are pure.

You should not make her sit up at night, wondering whether she is enough for you.

If she is unsure whether you even care about her, she is not going to stick around for long. She is going to search for someone who makes her feel wanted, someone who shows his appreciation, someone who never lets a day pass without reminding her she is loved. 

No woman wants to be in a relationship that feels one-sided. She wants to be in a relationship where her man shows her off because he cannot believe how lucky he is to have her. She wants him to hold her hand in public, to tell all of his friends about her, to let everyone know they are a couple.

If you hide her away in your bedroom, if you only talk to her when you are wasted, if you pick and choose when to treat her like a human being, then she is going to start wondering what her purpose is in your world. It might take a little while, but she is slowly going to figure out you are not worthy of her energy.

Once she starts wondering whether you care, it is already too late. You have already lost her. You have screwed up your chances with her because she is not going to remain in a relationship where she gets taken for granted.

She deserves someone who sees her value from the start. Someone who puts effort into planning perfect dates and making her laugh until her sides ache. Someone who never makes her doubt whether his feelings are genuine or whether he is only putting on a show. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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