If I Choose To Date You, That Means I’m Serious About You

Choose To Date You
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I am not going to dive into a relationship with someone unless I am 100% sure they are a good match for me. I do not give out keys to my heart easily. I am stingy when it comes to affection.

If I choose to date you, that means I’m serious about you. That means I am going to dedicate myself to you and only you — and I expect you to do the same.

I expect you to stop with the games, to delete your dating apps, to stop partying every single weekend and spend time with me instead. I expect you to act mature and to take our relationship seriously instead of running away at the first glimpse of trouble. I expect you to give me as much as I am offering you in return.

I don’t want a one-sided relationship or a relationship where it feels like I’m babysitting. If I am going to put my heart on the line and date someone, then I want a real, committed relationship. One that has the potential to last a lifetime.

If you are not interested in the same things as me, it doesn’t matter how strong our chemistry is or how much fun we have together. We are not going to work out, because I am not willing to settle.

Do not enter a relationship with me casually. Do not treat me more like a backup plan than a girlfriend. Do not think there is a chance we will take breaks or have an on-and-off relationship. That is not going to happen. We are either going to be committed or we are going to be strangers.

I do not think my standards are unrealistically high. I am not asking for anything out of the ordinary. I am only asking not to be screwed over. I am asking for our relationship to be taken seriously, because I am not interested in a fling.

I have reached the point where I would rather be single than waste my time in an almost relationship or in a relationship where I am not being valued.

I don’t mind being on my own. I am comfortable within the silence of my bedroom. It takes a lot for me to decide to risk my heart and date again, so if I decide to call you my boyfriend, don’t doubt whether my feelings for you are real and don’t hesitate to express your feelings for me.

I’m not a fan of mixed signals and unspoken compliments. I want you to show how much you care about me. I want proof that you are taking our relationship as seriously as I am. I don’t waste time with people who consider me temporary, so I need to know that you are on the same page as me.

If I choose to date you, then I am committed to making us work. I am ready to put in the effort. I am ready to give you everything within me. And I am hoping you feel the same. TC mark

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