If He Really Likes You, He Won’t Screw Everything Up

Really Likes You
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If he really likes you, if he is serious about spending the rest of his life with you, then he is going to commit to you. He is not going to play games. He is not going to wait to put a label on your relationship. He is not going to make you wonder where he stands.

He is only human, so there are bound to be times where he makes mistakes, where you get into silly arguments, where you have disagreements — but he is never going to mess up in a major way. He is not going to cheat. He is not going to sneak around behind your back. He is not going to pull any sketchy shit that could cause the end of the relationship.

If he really likes you, then he will put in the effort to pursue you and put in the effort to keep you once he already has you. He will not slack once he starts to feel comfortable. He will not get lazy and stop planning dates, stop acting romantic, stop telling you how much you mean to him. He will continue to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the universe long after your relationship officially begins.

If he really likes you, then he is not going to ghost you for three months while he ‘figures things out.’ He is not going to sleep with another woman and then have the realization that you are the only one he wants to be with from now on because he came close to losing you. He is not going to need to fuck up to realize that you are someone worth having around, someone he would hate to see walk away.

If he really likes you, then he is not going to risk losing you in the first place. He is not going to ask you to take a ‘break’ so he can hook up with other women for a while. He is not going to treat you disrespectfully until you decide you’ve had enough and leave him. He is not going to do anything that could chase you away because you mean too much to him.

He wants to keep you in his world. Permanently. He does not want to give you any reason to decide you could do better. He does not want to make you regret your decision to choose him over everyone else you could have had.

If he really likes you, then you will know it. There won’t be any doubt in your mind about his feelings for you. You will feel confident that you can trust him, that he would never do you wrong, because he always has your best interests at heart. He always looks out for you. He would never hurt you.

If he really likes you, then you won’t have to worry about him screwing up, because he will make sure he is on his best behavior. He will make sure he lives up to your expectations. TC mark

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