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50 Reminders For When You Feel Like Love Will Never Find You

1. You are beautiful, whether someone has told you that today or not.

2. Heartbreak is not a sign you should give up on love. It’s a sign you still haven’t found the right one.

3. That person who led you on and then ghosted you isn’t worth dating anyway.

4. You deserve to find love. But that’s not all. You also deserve success and peace and happiness.

5. Relationships are messy, so enjoy single life as much as you can for now.

6. You cannot read minds. There might be someone falling asleep thinking about you right now. 

7. It’s better to stay single than to waste your energy on a toxic love that will not be returned.

8. Happiness and relationships do not always go hand-in-hand.

9. Do not rush fate.

10. Your soulmate is coming as fast as they can.

11. Marriage does not increase your value as a person.

12. You are going to find your forever person one day, but until then, you should use this time to focus on yourself.  

13. You do not have to keep settling for one-sided love. One day, you will be loved back with the same intensity.

14. Staying single is better than entering a casual relationship when you want something real.

15. You are not going to find love. Love is going to find you. 

16. You did not chase away the one. You have not even met them yet.

17. Your love story does not have to begin when you are this young.

18. There are a million other milestones to reach aside from marriage.

19. Do not chase boys. Chase dreams.

20. It’s better to be alone in bed at night than to be cuddling someone who makes you feel lonely.

21. There is no right age when you should be engaged or married or pregnant.

22. You are allowed to be single all throughout your twenties.

23. And you are allowed to be single in your thirties and up.

24. Finding love should not be your main priority when you have so many other things to live for.

25. But you are brave for admitting a relationship is something you want when so many people pretend they couldn’t care less.

26. You are allowed to love being single — but you are also allowed to complain about being single.

27. A relationship is not going to make you love yourself more.

28. You might not be in a relationship — but you still matter to a lot of people out there.

29. You don’t have to date to experience love.

30. You don’t have to date to experience heartache either.

31. No matter what your heart is telling you, a relationship is not the most important thing in the world.

32. Finding love and finding happiness are two completely different things.

33. You might be single, but you have so much to offer.

34. You are strong.

35. You are intelligent.

36. You are a total badass.

37. Anyone who turns you down does not realize what they are missing.

38. Anyone who breaks your heart is going to have regrets in the future.

39. You are beautiful on the inside — but you are also pretty damn beautiful on the outside.

40. You are worthy of love. Never tell yourself otherwise.

41. Stop being so hard on yourself because some of the best people are single.

42. People in relationships are not ‘better’. They are just in relationships.

43. Don’t listen to the little voice in your head telling you that you are going to be alone forever.

44. One day, you are going to forget what it felt like to be single.

45. You should be proud of yourself for not settling.

46. You should be happy that you have been keeping your standards high.

47. You are someone worth knowing.

48. Being single is nothing to be ashamed about — but if you want a relationship that badly, keep looking.

49. The boys who have hurt you before do not deserve your tears.

50. One day, someone is going to make you feel like waiting so long for love was worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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