15 Signs He Does Not Want To Date You (But Is Too Nice To Tell You)

Date You
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1. Whenever you ask him if he’s free to hang out, he has an excuse about how he already has plans or how he is stuck at work or how he is too exhausted to leave the house that night. There is always something blocking him from hanging out with you.

2. Whenever you actually have the chance to see each other, it’s in a group setting where plenty of other people are around. You never spend time together one-on-one. You never have any alone time.

3. Your hugs never last long. When you sit close enough to him so that your skin brushes, he scoots away to give you space. He rarely touches you. He actually  goes out of his way to avoid touching you.

4. He calls you ‘buddy’ and ‘pal’ and mentions how you are like a sister to him. He wants you to know that he sees you as a friend, as family even, but not as anything romantic or sexual.

5. Your conversations are average. They are filled with small talk about work and movies. There is never any teasing or joking around. He talks to you like an acquaintance, not a crush.

6. He talks about other girls all the time. Or he casually mentions how he’s into girls who are brunette and tall when you are blonde and short. He’s trying to drop hints that he is never going to ask you out, that you are not his type.

7. When you say something suggestive or slightly dirty, he doesn’t continue the flirtatious conversation. He changes the subject.

8. When you mention other guys, he never looks the least bit jealous. He is actually encouraging. He points out guys he thinks you’d find attractive and mentions friends he wants to set you up with.

9. He never holds eye contact for long. He will look at you while you’re speaking but there are never any lingering gazes or moments where you catch him watching you from across the room.

10. He accepts your compliments and laughs at your jokes, but you can tell that the smiles are forced. There are only there to be polite.

11. When you sit on the couch together, he chooses to leave a lot of space in between you. Or he sits on a completely different chair on the other side of the room.

12. He keeps his conversations with you short. He will only talk to you for a little while before finding a reason to walk away.

13. When you’re at a social gathering, he doesn’t approach you right away or remain in the same room as you. He hangs out with other people. He pays attention to them more than you.

14. You’ve seen him interact with other people and he treats you pretty much exactly the same as he treats them. You aren’t getting any special treatment that suggests he has feelings for you too.

15. You don’t feel the chemistry. You don’t feel the heat. As much as you hate to admit it, your gut is telling you that he does not like you as much as you like him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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