10 Stupidly Simple Ways To Show Your Girlfriend You Appreciate Her

Appreciate Her
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1. Say thank you. Instead of assuming she knows how much you appreciate her, say the words so you are sure she knows. Tell her you appreciate how she texts you first thing in the morning, even when she is sleepy and not in the mood to socialize. Tell her you appreciate the way she listens closely to your stories, even when you are repeating yourself and she probably doesn’t want to hear it. Tell her all of the ways you appreciate her so that she never feels like she is being taken for granted again.

2. Take over the activities she usually handles. If you appreciate her doing something special for you, then she would probably appreciate the same thing. So instead of having her plan the date this weekend, plan it yourself. Instead of having her cook, put together a meal. Do something for her that she is always doing for you.

3. Spoil her. Surprise her with her favorite candy. Pick up coffee and a bagel for her and drop it off at work. Send flowers to her doorstep. Make it clear that you are thankful to have someone like her in your world.

4. Brag about her. Post a picture of her online, saying how much you love her. Tell your coworkers or your parents or your friends about all of the sweet things she has done lately. Even if the word doesn’t get back to her, the world deserves to know what a good girlfriend she is.

5. Write her a letter. You don’t have to wait until a holiday to pick a card up and write something kind inside. If you aren’t good with words, then instead of thanking her face-to-face, scribble something down and hand it to her.

6. Let her sleep extra. If you know she’s had a lot on her plate lately, then wake up early and get some of her chores done. That way, when she wakes up she won’t have to run around getting everything done, because you already took care of half of her to-do list for her.

7. Plan a getaway. You don’t have to take her on an expensive vacation. You can simply book a spa appointment for her — or make a spa in your own apartment. Give her a massage. Run a bath for her. Play soothing music in the background and light some candles. That would mean more to her than anything money could buy.

8. Leave notes around the house. The only thing cuter than good morning texts are messages scattered around rooms for her to find. Stick a post-it note to her mirror reminding her how much you care about her and leave another one on the fridge.

9. Show her affection. When she goes out of her way to do something nice for you, don’t act like she owed it to you. Don’t act like you were deserving of it. Kiss her. Squeeze her hand. Say thank you. Make it clear that she didn’t have to do that for you, but you’re happy that she did.

10. Say I love youDon’t mechanically say the words when you hang up the phone and kiss her goodbye. Say them often and say them with meaning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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