You Are Allowed To Have Problems With Your Forever Person

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You are allowed to be pissed off at your forever person. You are allowed to get into arguments. You are allowed to get annoyed when they come home late or when they forget to do the dishes or when they say something you take the wrong way. You are allowed to get frustrated with the way they fold towels or the way they watch television just a little too loud while you’re trying to read.

You are allowed to be madly in love with someone and get annoyed with them. You are allowed to want to spend forever alongside someone and also want your space from them when you feel overwhelmed.

No relationship is perfect. Not even the relationship you have always dreamed about with a person who texts you first, who kisses you on the forehead, who puts you atop their list of priorities, who makes you feel like you are loved and valued every single day.

Even that person is going to make you want to scream sometimes. Even that person is going to get on your nerves.

Just because you have abandoned your toxic relationships and replaced them with a relationship where you are always treated with respect, that doesn’t mean you are never going to have an argument again. That doesn’t mean every single day is going to feel like a honeymoon.

Even when you have found someone who deserves your attention, someone who treats you right in every single way, there are still going to be nights when you cry yourself to sleep. There are still going to be times where you are excited to spend a few hours apart.

The only difference is that when you were in toxic relationships, the fights were constant, the apologies were disingenuous, and the changes they promised to make were never followed through on. But when you’re with your forever person, the fights will be rare and they will end in genuine apologies and your person will make an authentic promise to set things right with you again.

Sometimes, the fights won’t even feel like fights, because they will last for three minutes. You will disagree on something. You will have an attitude with each other. And then you will recognize how irrational you are being and kiss until things are okay again. By the end of the night, you won’t even remember there had been a problem earlier on in the day.

You cannot give up on your relationship when the slightest thing goes wrong, because every single relationship has issues. When you are with your forever person, there will be good times and bad times — but the good will outweigh the bad. The good will be the norm.

Stop believing in the unrealistic relationship goals you see plastered across social media and remember you are allowed to have problems with your forever person. You are allowed to get upset with them from time to time. You are allowed to have a few rough days. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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