Whether Or Not You’re An Asshole Based On Your Name: The Best Of Reddit From May 29

According to Ask Reddit your name says a lot about you — but probably not what you WANT it to say.
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1. Linda

“She works in HR and somehow seems like she was born at that age.” — kirby1445

2. Brad

“Thinks he’s cooler than he is, tougher than he is, more attractive than he is, funnier than he is and more well-liked than he is.” — Ubetrippin919

3. Chloe

“Chloe is a valley girl, and a forever teenager but the bitchy kind.” — inspiredturtle

4. Jeff

“Jeffs being the epitome of bros. I’ve never met a Jeff that wasn’t down to slam some beers and crush a pizza.” — Vunterslaush825

5. Maddy

“Any of the Maddy’s/Madi’s (Madison, Madeleine, etc.) are kind of good looking but have way too much air going to their head as their ego has been inflated too much and think they’re a lot better than they really are.” — JFMX1996

6. Brittany

“Brittany is on facebook waaaaaaaaay too much.” — S62anyone

7. Colleen

“Colleens are hard-working and reliable, but not very socially skilled.” — SmartassRemarks

8. Angel

“All the kids that are named angel are the whole opposite.” — cowboy-beepbeep

9. Trevor

“Trevor and Hunter. Rednecks but pretty friendly.” — HitlerButInSpace

10. Zach

“Zach is a 50/50, either they can be a regular awesome dude, or A complete nut job dick.” — Publicdude1

11. Thomas

“Thomas is always the cheeky one.” — bulletbullock

12. Nick

“Every Nick I’ve known has been a pretty cool guy. Fun to hang out with, super fun to get drunk with, and great sense of humor.” — Mimble75

13. Ashley

“Ashley, Ashlee, Ashliegh, Ashly, Ashilee, Ashaleeigh, Asshaleeigh.

The more complicated the spelling gets the meaner the girl.” — perun1nj

14. Shelly

“Shelly is the name of a middle-aged Mom trying to be cool.” — CritzD

15. Peter

“Reserved, has parted his hair to the side since nursery school.” — mattnewby04

16. Susan

“Susan is approximately 48 years old, has lived a relatively comfortable and stress free life, yet prides herself on her painfully generic life advice on literally anything, whether you asked her or not. Thanks Susan, but I’ll tackle this one on my own.” — Stundrops

17. Nathan

“Nathans are either the best, coolest guys you’ll ever meet, or are huge assholes.” — Pentonetrix

18. Sarah

“Sarah is usually the horse girl for some reason.” — monoshiri

19. Dylan

“If I see a Dylan on my new class list, I automatically assume he’s going to be a horrific little shit.” — FloVas

20. Connor

“Connor is a white dude no older than 23.” — MooseRattler

21. Shane

“Shane is the guy who started smoking when he was 14, rode around on a BMX bike with pegs a few years after it was still cool to do that. Usually wearing a dirty wife beater tank top or a pro wresting shirt.” — PrestonGarveysHat

22. Kyle

“Kyle smokes weed and rides his skateboard everywhere, even at the age of 35.” — delano95

23. Monika

“Monika definitely had some kind of position of authority in high school.” — RatioTile723

24. Tiffany

“Dumb, ditzy, clueless.” — junrzakarian

25. Roger

“Roger is that one neighbor that always asks to borrow your ladder but never returns it and your too scared to ask for it back.” — CoatsBoi

26. Karen

“Karen wanting to speak to my manager.” — harout2121

27. Sharon

“Sharon is offended by everything, does yoga and drinks red wine.” — boredwoman

28. Liam

“Liam likes to treat everything like a joke.” — KillLaBill

29. Barbara

“Barbara are always middle age/old white brunettes with curly hair who are super nice.” — BritishStewie

30. Amelia

“Sweet and quiet like. Also very intuitive. At least all the children I know who are ‘Amelia’ are like that. Can’t speak for the adults.” — CopperTodd17

31. Vanessa

“Every single Vanessa I know likes to act all innocent and holier than thou but is actually fucking your boyfriend.” — sugarbuttersammich

32. Tanner

“Tanner will always be that rich fucking kid that gets away with whatever he wants.” — Yellowpickle23

33. Kimberly

“Every Kimberly I have ever met has been crazy.” — spaghatta111

34. Grace

“Charismatic and nice, commonly smart and blonde.” — alldanknamesaregone

35. Mackenzie

“Mackenzie or some variation: Super skinny popular girl.” — MarchKick

36. Nicole

“I’ve never met a single Nicole in my life that wasn’t a flaming bitch.” — Roastthewitch

37. Jennifer

“Jennifers are tricky.

If they go by Jen or Jenny, they rock a ponytail and are pretty cool.

But if they go by Jennifer, they are going to be controlling fake-smiley passive aggressive types that are hard to read.” — ItsMeTK

38. Alex

“I’ve never met and Alex, man or woman, who isn’t successful.” — dr_chunkychilidog

39. David

“Guys named David/Dave are usually dicks.” — Dfarrey89

40. Bob

“Just your average dude.” — EarlyHemisphere Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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