When You Are Feeling Weak, Your Person Should Support You

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Your relationship is not going to be perfect. There are times when your person will see you with mascara cascading down your face. Times when they will see your cheeks burst red while screaming. They are going to see your raw, unfiltered self.

You cannot hide your family problems or work problems from your person. You have to expose them to the not-so-great parts of your world because you cannot pretend everything is fine. Not with them. They deserve the full truth.

There are times when your relationship is going to suffer — and not necessarily because of anything that happened between the two of you. There will be times when a family member dies and you stop seeing the point in trying. There will be times when you get into an accident or break a bone and have nothing else to do except mope around the house for weeks.

During those times, your person should see where you are coming from. They should understand that you are going to need a second to compose yourself. They should remain patient. They should love you through the pain.

Your person should not pack their bags and abandon you when things become inconvenient for them. They should help you get through the worst moments of your life. They should guide you back toward happiness again.

Your person should not only spend time with you when you are in a good mood. When your spirits are high. When you feel like you are on top of the world together.

Your person should stick by your side during the shitty times too. They should be there to wipe your tears from your cheeks. They should be there to remind you everything is going to be okay, even if it doesn’t feel like it in that moment.

Your person is supposed to be your rock. When you are feeling weak, they should help you stand upright. They should give you a reason to smile on your worst days. They should assure you they aren’t going anywhere, no matter what.

A relationship is not one big honeymoon. There are dips. There are arguments. There are inconveniences.

When you are in a bad mood, your person shouldn’t get annoyed with you and tell you to stop complaining. They shouldn’t make you feel like a bother. They should find ways to make you feel better. They should help you out of your funk instead of giving you more reasons to feel like shit.

When you are questioning yourself, your person shouldn’t make you feel even more insecure. They shouldn’t roll their eyes and say you are fishing for compliments. They should remind you of your worth. They should remind you that you are more than enough.

Strong couples are not the ones who have fun together all the time because that is nothing more than a fairy tale. Strong couple are the ones who have been through hell and back together, as a team, and made it out intact. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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