The Lesson You Were Supposed To Learn This Year, Based On Your May Birthday

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May 1: It’s better to have embarrassing stories to tell at parties than regrets about how you never took risks that you replay in your head alone at night.

May 2: Leaving a job or walking away from a relationship does not mean you are a quitter. It means you are perceptive enough to recognize endings when they arrive.

May 3: You are not going to suddenly start loving yourself once someone else falls in love with you. Self-love is a tricky thing that is impacted by your self-worth, not by your relationship status.

May 4: It is okay to stay single, even if everyone around you is already taken. It is better to be alone than in a relationship where you feel like an outsider.

May 5: One failure does not mean you are meant to give up. It means you are meant to find a new approach.

May 6: If you feel like you are falling behind, that is because you are comparing yourself to others. But the only person you should be in competition with is the you of yesterday.

May 7: You cannot remain in a bad relationship because you have history or because you feel like you owe them something. You are not obligated to spend one more minute with them.

May 8: Leaving your comfort zone will feel uncomfortable at first, but it is necessary if you want to inch forward. You have to risk in order to reach a reward.

May 9: Second chances are not always deserved. Sometimes you have to cut others out of your world, even if you feel guilty about leaving them behind.

May 10: Waiting for the right time is a procrastinator’s bullshit excuse. The right time is now.

May 11: You are allowed to stick up for yourself when someone walks over you. You are allowed to start uncomfortable conversations.

May 12: You are not going to be good at everything and you cannot fault yourself for that. Stop being so hard on yourself because your self-loathing is dangerous.

May 13: Nothing lasts forever. You are going to lose people you care about, but you are also going to learn to live without them.

May 14: Regretting the past is a complete waste of your time. You cannot change what already happened, but you can control how you move forward in the future.

May 15: Money will make you more comfortable, but it will not make you happier. You have to find that happiness within yourself and that could take a lifetime.

May 16: Instagram likes are only going to make you feel good for a short period of time. The high doesn’t last long.

May 17: Apologies do not always have to be accepted. Sometimes you are better off closing the door behind you than leaving it cracked for reentrance.

May 18: Change can suck, but sometimes it is unavoidable. You have to learn how to deal with it as best as you can, because moping will only make the situation worse.

May 19: Even once you find your forever person, the relationship is never going to be perfect. The ‘relationship goals’ you see online are unrealistic because real love is messy.

May 20: All of your worrying has been pointless. No one cares about what you are doing as much as you assume they do.

May 21: Some days you are going to love yourself and some days you are going to hate yourself. Self-love is a never-ending work in progress.

May 22: It’s cute that you put other people before yourself, but it’s unhealthy. You deserve attention, too.

May 23: Sometimes, you are going to love someone more than they love you. You have to let them go instead of fighting to change their mind because that is a battle you cannot win.

May 24: Nothing is going to get handed to you just because you want it badly. You have to work your ass off if you expect to see results.

May 25: You are allowed to outgrow people and places. You are allowed to decide the things that used to mean the most to you no longer fit into your world.

May 26: It doesn’t matter how much love you give a certain someone or how much you do for them. An asshole will always remain an asshole.

May 27: Some people would rather watch you fail than see you succeed. Their jealousy will make it impossible to sustain friendships with them.

May 28: Almost relationships are not enough. You are not destined to be someone’s backup plan.

May 29: Your honesty is not always going to be appreciated. Sometimes your authenticity will rub people the wrong way.

May 30: Your pessimism and proclivity to jump to the worst case scenario has been holding you back. It has been stopping you from reaching your full potential.

May 31: It’s scary to take a risk when there’s a possibility of failure, but it’s even scarier to risk staying in the same place your entire life because you never took a chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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