The Girl You Hurt Is Going To Find Love Again

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The girl you hurt is going to cry over you for a long time. She is going to stain her pillow with tears while she wonders why you treated her so horribly after everything she has done for you.

She is going to have a tough time getting over you. Whenever someone new enters her life, she is going to compare them to you without meaning to do so. It is going to be a while before she is able to watch a romantic movie or hear a sappy song without your name popping into her head.

The girl you hurt is going to have baggage because of you. She is going to have trouble accepting the love she is given in the future because she isn’t used to such kindness. She is used to being taken for granted.

Even though the next person she dates is going to be nothing like you, she will still worry that he will end up like you. Her worst fear will be repeating the past because she wants nothing to do with boys like you, boys who take whatever they wish without giving anything in return.

The girl you hurt is going to struggle to get over you — but she will get over you. She is going to raise her standards. She is going to discover her self-worth. She is not going to settle for someone like you again.

The girl you hurt is going to find love in the future, but next time, the love is going to be real. It is going to be eternal. She is going to find someone who loves her the way she wished you would have. Someone who does all of the things that you refused to do.

The girl you hurt is going to kiss someone else and realize his lips taste better than yours ever have. She is going to fall asleep beside someone else and feel safer than she ever thought possible. She is going to date someone else and understand why things were never meant to work out with you.

The girl you hurt has a lot to offer that you weren’t able to see. She is beautiful. She is soft hearted. She is intelligent. She is strong. She is someone who you should have felt lucky to meet, let alone spend so much time alongside. She is someone who you are going to regret losing.

The girl you hurt is slowly going to forget about you. She is going to forget the color of your eyes. She is going to forget the scent of your cologne. She is going to forget the way you used to laugh. She is not going to remember anything about you, except that you were the boy who brought her so much pain. The boy who made her feel worthless instead of valued.

The girl you hurt is going to realize she is much better off without you in her world — but you will never be able to say the same. TC mark

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