Stop Ghosting Her And Then Trying To Talk To Her Again

You used to answer her texts within minutes. You would send emojis with heart eyes. You will tell her how much you missed her. She would stay up much later than she should have with her phone plugged into the wall beside her bed, talking to you about anything and everything. Once a conversation started with you, she never wanted to put an end to it. She wanted to keep chatting forever.

But you made that impossible, because one day you disappeared. You stopped giving her attention and never told her why.

She waited a few hours for your response. Then a few days. Then a few weeks.

She wondered whether you were sick in the hospital. Whether a family member had died. Whether you were going through a tragedy. Then she wondered whether she did something to offend you. Whether you grew bored of her. Whether you wanted nothing to do with her.

Even though she felt pathetic messaging you twice (or three or four times) in a row, she did it anyway because the thought of not talking to you again was too horrible to handle. She sent you more texts than you deserved. You ignored them all.

The worst part was that, here and there, you would still like her Instagram pictures. You would watch her snap stories. You would remind her you were still around, choosing not to talk to her.

Your mixed messages drove her crazy. She wasn’t sure what to think about you, she wasn’t sure what she meant to you, but she knew she would be better off moving on from you.

She tried her hardest to forget about you — but it was difficult when your name kept appearing in her notifications. Every time she thought she was over you, you would pop back into her life ever so slightly and she would be back to square one.

And then one day, out of the blue, you decided to text her again with a hey. You didn’t even bother to come up with an excuse about how busy you have been and how you are so sorry for losing touch. You didn’t even give her that much.

Instead of issuing an apology, you tried to casually restart the conversation, as if there weren’t five unanswered texts from her stewing in your phone. You acted like the past few weeks never happened.

Even though she has been waiting to hear back from you for ages, even though there was a time when the thought of not having you in her world made her sick to her stomach, she is not going to waste her time with you if you keep rotating in and out of her life whenever you please.

She does not want to guess whether you are going to respond to her in five minutes or five days. She wants consistency. She wants someone who is as excited about seeing her name on their phone as she is about seeing their name. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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