One Day, I Am Going To Marry You

marry you
Unsplash / Derek Thomson

One day, I am going to post pictures across Instagram with my hand held in frame, showing off the sparkle of the ring it took you months to choose, because you wanted to make sure it was the perfect one. One that would take my breath away the same way you do whenever you step into a room.

One day, I am going to spend weeks stressing about which dress I should choose and how I should wear my hair, because I want to look flawless for you. Because the most important moment of my life will always be meeting you, but the second most important will be the day I dedicate my world to you.

One day, I am going to walk down the aisle and see you standing at the edge with your hands clasped in front of you, smiling with your teeth, wearing the suit I helped you pick out even though you are going to spend the entire night ‘complaining’ about how you hate dressing so fancy.

One day, I am going to hold back nervous laughter (and fail to hold back happy tears) as we recite our vows to each other in front of everyone who cares about us. I am going to press my lips against yours for the thousandth time, but it will be our first time as husband as wife.

One day, I am going to pose for pictures with you and the rest of the wedding party. Later on, we are going to hang those photographs in the hallways of the house we bought together. We are going to look at them and remember how we felt in the moment the camera snapped — peaceful, euphoric, right where we were supposed to be.

One day, you are going to reach out your hand for our first dance. We are going to listen to a song we knew was ours the second we heard the lyrics. We are going to dance alone in the center of the room, which would normally make me nervous, but we won’t be paying any attention to the photographer or the crowd surrounding us. The only person I’ll see is you.

One day, our friends are going to give embarrassing speeches about us littered with inside jokes only we understand. They are going to clink their glasses and tipsily dance and tell us how happy they are for us — and they will actually mean it.

One day, we are going to take a vacation we have been counting down the days until. We are going to enjoy our time alone together after the chaos of the ceremony. No matter where our destination ends up being, we will have a fantastic time together, because we are more than a married couple on a honeymoon. We are two best friends taking a trip.

One day, we are going to dedicate our lives to each other publicly, even though we have privately made the same promise a long time ago. Even though, elaborate ceremony or not, we were always going to stay together. We were always going to make our love last a lifetime. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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