Never Waste Your Time With Someone Like This

Never waste your time with someone who acts hypocritical. Someone who will scream their lungs dry when you take too long to answer their texts or cancel plans with them without warning, but will turn around and do the same exact thing to you without any guilt. Someone who hates being treated the way they treat you — but makes no effort to change their own behavior.

Never waste your time with someone who creates drama with every step of their feet. Someone who cannot go a week without getting into a screaming match. Someone who constantly complains about how everyone they have dated before is a bitch and how everyone at work is incompetent, because they cannot see the problem is with their reflection.

Never waste your time with someone who is unable to control their temper. Someone who consistently acts out of anger. Someone who feels like the world is conspiring against them every time they run into a slight inconvenience because they believe everything is about them.

Never waste your time with someone who has been brainwashed into believing they are always right. Someone who will argue with you for hours, repeating the same things again and again, even long after you have proven them wrong. Someone who refuses to budge from their close-minded views because they cannot fathom the idea that someone else knows more than they do.

Never waste your time with someone who gaslights you. Someone who makes you question your own memories. Someone who puts ideas inside of your head that make you feel even more insecure — ideas about how none of your friends actually like you and how annoying you are to be around.

Never waste your time with someone who projects their own imperfections onto you. Someone who accuses you of cheating while sneaking behind your back. Someone who gets mad at you for acting distant when they are actually the one causing the space. Someone who tells their friends about what a monster you are when they are the only one with a repulsive personality.

Never waste your time with someone who resists growth. Someone who acts exactly the same as they did when they were young without any signs of improvement. Someone who is impolite and immature.

Never waste your time with someone who makes you feel like you are slowly going insane. Someone who twists reality in order to fit their own narrative. Someone who rewrites history in order to make themselves look better. Someone who is unable to deal with reality because then they would have to look in the mirror and admit that they are a shitty human being.

Never waste your time with someone who throws a fit when you decide you have had enough of their bullshit. Someone who will watch your standards raise, watch you walk away from their constant toxicity, and blame you for being a quitter. Someone who is incapable of seeing the situation from your point of view because they are trapped inside their own poisonous mind.  TC mark

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