Most People Have No Idea These 9 Things Happen Every May 31

may 31
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1. What You Think Upon Grows Day. This day is meant to celebrate the power of positivity. Instead of moping about what you do not have and wish you could acquire, take some time to appreciate everything that is standing right in front of you. Find the silver lining in bad situations. Search for the brightness through the storm. Find a reason to smile even when you feel like collapsing. Let your optimism guide you. At least for one day.

2. Speak In Complete Sentences Day. Since so many people in 2018 are using text slang and shortened versions of words, this holiday has been created. It’s meant to remind everyone about the importance of writing and speaking in full, grammatically correct sentences so that we don’t become too reliant on shorthand abbreviations. So challenge yourself to spend the rest of the day writing out exactly what you want to say without including any TBHs or SMDHs.

3. National Macaroon Day. Macaroons are small cookies that are most commonly made from almonds with sugar and honey or vanilla flavorings. The name comes from the Italian word maccarone which means ‘paste.’ These cookies grew in popularity with Italian Jews because it did not contain flower and could be eaten during Passover, but they continued to remain popular until today due to their deliciousness.

4. National Autonomous Vehicle Day. This is a holiday created somewhat recently to go along with the changing times. It’s a day meant to celebrate self-driving cars, which used to sound like a concept out of a science fiction novel, but is quickly becoming reality. With one, you won’t have to touch the wheel again. You’ll get to sit back and enjoy the ride — as long as you trust the technology not to malfunction.

5. National Meditation Day. Meditation is when you reach a heightened spiritual awareness with concentration techniques. All you have to do is sit on a comfortable cushion or chair with your spine aligned naturally. Then focus on your breathing without letting your mind wander. It will bring you a sense of comfort and peace after a hectic day of running around.

6. World No Tobacco Day. If you’re a smoker, today is when you should try your hardest to refrain from tobacco for a 24 hour period. If you can make it through today without a smoke, you can make it through tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. This holiday is meant to remind you about the dangers of smoking. Give it up while you still have the chance.

7. National Smile Day. This holiday is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a day when you should show off your gorgeous smile — which you will have if you continue to cut down on the cigarettes. It’s also a reminder that you should schedule an appointment for the dentist if you haven’t been there in a while.

8. Save Your Hearing Day. While you’re busy making appointments, you should schedule one to have your hearing checked as well. Your genetics could cause you to lose your hearing early, but the environment you’re in can also impact it. That means you should start wearing earplugs if you commonly visit concerts or are around construction work.

9. Necrotizing Fasciitis Awareness Day. This is a serious condition caused by bacteria that is extremely rare, but can enter you if you have a cut or surgical wound. It quickly destroys skin tissue and can be transmitted from person to person. It can lead to death if it is not treated early, which is why this holiday is important to spread awareness of the disease.

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