I Finally Found Someone Who Has Earned The Title ‘Forever Person’

forever person
Unsplash / Radu Florin

I found someone who is proud to introduce me to his family, his friends, his coworkers, his neighbors. Whenever someone invites him out to eat or over to their place, he extends the invitation to me. He will find a way to add me into conversations when he notices I have no idea what to say and am staring at my phone to avoid looking awkward. When he can tell I am feeling anxious, he grabs my hand and squeezes it to remind me he is right there, he will always be right there.

He splits the chores with me and doesn’t care if it’s exactly 50/50. If I come home tired from work one evening and am stressed about everything I have to get done before the next morning arrives, he will help me with the dishes and the laundry even when it’s technically my turn. He won’t complain about it either. He won’t draw attention to the fact that he is putting extra on his plate in the hopes that it will earn him brownie points. He just does it. Because he wants me to feel comfortable. Because he wants me to be okay.

We have gotten into fights like any couple has but even when he was pissed the fuck off at me, he never said anything unforgivable to me. He still made sure I made it home safely. He still covered me with a blanket. He still showed concern for me. Just because we have one bad day doesn’t mean that he stops treating me with respect because I am still the person he fell in love with and the last thing he would ever want to do is hurt me. He hates himself whenever he accidentally offends me. Every argument ends with an apology because we never want to be the reason for each other’s pain. We want to make each other stronger, not weaker.

Around him, I have never felt the need to pretend. I can tell him anything without fear of being abandoned. I know he means it when he says he is going to spend the rest of his life with me, because he has always kept his word. He follows through on every promise which is why I feel like I can always count on him. He is not manipulative or bitter or angry with the world. He is soft hearted without being a pushover. He is protective without being controlling. He is everything I aspire to be.

He has seen me at my most unlovable, but he has never once hesitated before saying those three little words. I have broken down into tears in front of him and he never batted an eye. He just pulled me closer and tried to find a way to make me feel better again. He is my biggest supporter. He is the person who reminds me of my beauty when I feel ugly and reminds me of my talent when I feel like a failure. He does not give me strength; he helps bring out the strength that already resides within me.

I feel like I have finally found someone worthy of the title ‘forever person’ because he makes me look forward to my future. He makes me excited for everything that could happen now that we get to navigate this world together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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