How To Lose A Girl With Anxiety

You will lose a girl with anxiety by failing to reassure her when she becomes concerned about your feelings for her. By taking it personally when she needs a reminder that you care. By getting annoyed when she asks whether you still love her or still find her attractive instead of answering the question and calming her down.

You will lose a girl with anxiety by acting like she has ruined everything when she has even the smallest meltdown. By getting frustrated when she is quiet around your friends. By getting annoyed when she hides herself away in the bathroom. By flipping out on her when she cancels plans at the last second. By making her feel like she is a burden and you would be better off without her.

You will lose a girl with anxiety by making her feel inferior. By making fun of her for stumbling over her words. By pointing out how red her cheeks have gotten. By calling her too shy or too quiet. By making awkward situations even more awkward.

You will lose a girl with anxiety by taking too long to answer her texts, even though you know she freaks out when you go missing for hours. By showing up late without giving her a reason or a warning beforehand. By making her overthink whether you actually care about her, because you never seem to place her first.

You will lose a girl with anxiety by forcing her out of her comfort zone before she is ready. By pressuring her to attend certain parties and visit certain places, even though she keeps telling you she would rather stay home for the night. By ignoring her protests and forcing her to do what you want to do, because you only care about your own happiness.

You will lose a girl with anxiety by making her feel guilty whenever she turns down an invitation to hang out with your friends. By reminding her that she should be comfortable around them by now. By ignoring her when she explains how her anxiety can act up around anyone, even her own family members, because you cannot relate to what she is going through and will not even try to see the situation from her point of view.

You will lose a girl with anxiety by failing to help her when she needs you the most. By refusing to speak to the cashier or waiter for her, even though she is practically begging you to do the talking for her just this once. By acting like she should just suck it up and socialize because it’s not nearly as hard as she’s making it out to be. By accusing her of overreacting because you don’t see how anyone could have so much trouble making conversation today when they were perfectly fine yesterday.

You will lose a girl with anxiety by assuming she thinks the same way you think. By assuming it’s all in her head. By making her feel like shit about something she is unable to control. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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