8 Toxic Things That You Mistake As ‘Cute’

1. You think it’s cute when he gets jealous over how much attention other boys are giving you. He will dictate which guys you are allowed to hang out with and which ones you are forbidden from seeing one-on-one. He will get annoyed when you wear a shirt that shows too much cleavage if you’re leaving the house because he feels like he’s the only one entitled to your body. He will act like you are his possession, like he owns you.

2. You think it’s cute when he talks about how miserable he would be without you. How he wouldn’t have a reason to live if you broke up because you are the only thing that gets him up in the morning. He threatens to hurt himself every time you have an argument in order to stop you from leaving.

3. You think it’s cute when he becomes overly protective of you. When he does all of the talking in group conversations so you don’t have to say a word. When he answers the phone for you because he doesn’t want you speaking with anybody else. When he starts fights with any guys who look at you for a split second too long. When he keeps you shielded from the outside world and stops you from having a social life because he doesn’t want you in any danger.

4. You think it’s cute that he wants to spend every waking second with you. He gets annoyed when you tell him you’re planning on seeing your friends because he wants to be the most important person in your life. If someone intrudes upon the time he feels like you should be spending with him, then he will talk shit about them. Or he will guilt trip you into staying home. He won’t want you near anyone else, even if there’s no romance involved like with your best friend or grandparents.

5. You think it’s cute when he insults other women by comparing you to them. By calling your friends fat and ugly. By claiming his ex was a complete bitch. By degrading other girls as a compliment to you.

6. You think it’s cute when he gets angry with you, because it shows how much he cares. You like that you are able to push his buttons. You like knowing that if he ever lost you he would be completely devastated. It makes you feel powerful. It makes you feel wanted.

7. You think it’s cute when he tells you he misses you after two seconds apart. When he drops plans with his friends to see you. When he revolves his entire life around you and stops caring about the hobbies he used to love.

8. You think it’s cute when he texts you back after an hour instead of making you wait three days. When he calls your new haircut pretty instead of failing to recognize you changed it. When he actually treats you like a human being for a change instead of like his backup plan like he usually does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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