30 Fucked Up Things About Modern Dating

Modern dating is a shit-show. According to Ask Reddit, when you are single in 2018, any of these horrible things could happen.
modern dating
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1. Leaving breadcrumbs

“Breadcrumbing: you meet someone, aren’t exactly interested, but want a backup option. If you just ghost them or reject them, then they won’t be around anymore. So instead, you leave a trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ to keep them hanging.” — junyl_yangide

2. Lying about your intentions

“Lying about intentions. If you want a one night stand, say it. Don’t lie and say you want a relationship.” — amazonallie

3. Refusing to make the relationship ‘official’

“Saying that you’re not official and somehow it’s ok to hurt the other person.

I’m talking about people who string others along over 3+ weeks, sleep with them, talk to them every day, share really personal details and involve them in some aspect of their daily life or routine. Then pretending it was actually nothing and that they shouldn’t be angry or upset because it wasn’t ‘official.'” — roselove122

4. Scouting

“Scouting: When a man or woman makes dates with several people simultaneously on the same night, then waits until right before the date to decide which one to actually go out with, and canceling on the other people.” — Katella57

5. Stealthing

“Stealthing. It’s when someone has told you they put on a condom, but at some point they take it off and continue having sex without a condom against your consent. It’s an awful violating feeling to find out this has happened to you.” — MamaD_Cooks

6. Stashing

“Stashing is when you’re in a relationship with someone and you refuse to introduce them to your friends and family; mostly because you view the person as temporary, replaceable, and/or you’re an asshole. I had someone do this to me.” — DezzieLu

7. Going on ‘a break’

“Going on a break with a serious SO to bang someone else and then asking for them back after.” — KraftPunkFan420

8. Having side chicks

“Having side dudes/chicks is fucked and people do it all the time. There are memes and jokes about it but it really hurts to have someone date you and fuck someone else regularly. It messes with you.” –whiskyydickk

9. Texting to tell them it’s over

“Breaking up you with a text.” — angrynutrients

10. Cheating

“Going on about how much it hurt you when an ex cheated on you. How you can’t imagine someone ever doing that to someone that loved them.

Then doing it yourself.

It lures the SO into a false sense of security knowing that if things are going to end they’ll probably see it coming miles away or that they won’t be lied to rather than being blind sided by infidelity.” — xthatguy339x

11. Leaving right after sex

“Sticking around long enough to have sex, then disappearing.” — Allisade

12. Pretending you’re single

“Lying about your existing relationship status e.g. saying you’re single when you’re not.” — JimboHar7

13. Bailing on dates

“Making plans for a date and just not showing up.” — nicki93518

14. Lying about your interests

“Lying about their interests. Every fucking Tinder profile has someone saying they like to hike, exercise, travel, and other grandiose shit. I’ve only met a few women who were just blunt about shit and didn’t need to hide behind a fake narrative of their life. If you meet someone outside a dating site, you can at least catch their bullshit early on so you can avoid more red flags down the road.” — deftones_bro

15. Leading people on

“Leading people on even though you have no intentions of dating or even meeting up with that person.” — A-MinorBish

16. Ghosting

“Ghosting! I think that’s the most horrible way to end a relationship of any sort. So cruel, childish and unnecessary.” — RealHausFrau

17. Acting controlling

“Being controlling and saying, ‘I’m just jealous because I love you!’

That doesn’t mean you get to go through my phone all the time, Karen.” — DaringDescriptivist

18. Lying about STDs

“Lying about wether or not you are clean (std/sti free) and sleeping with them anyway.” — piercedlovely

19. Dating for perks

“Dating someone for the ‘perks,’ whether it be money or it makes you look good, rather than the person themselves.” — Arvamaka

20. Having an unbalanced relationship

“Expecting for one person to pay for everything” — PanicAtTheMetro

21. Settling for someone

“Dating someone because it’s easy, rather than because you actually like them.

Settling isn’t really healthy, fam.” — StumbleKitty

22. Emotionally manipulating someone

“Emotionally manipulating somebody to get what you want.” — Clintman

23. Lying on dating profiles

“Lying through your teeth when making a dating profile. People lie about the most random things to make themselves seem more appealing.

Lies can range from things as innocuous as ‘I have a dog!’ to shit like ‘My dick is 15 elephants long.'” — offbrandhandjobs

24. Not mentioning your children

“Failure to disclose offspring.” — powerlesshero111

25. Showing nudes to friends

“People showing their friends nudes they receive, those are for you and not other people unless whoever has sent them says otherwise. I believe that is extremely wrong.” — SpartaKickk

26. Using someone as a saftey blanket

“I’ve known of some people in the past who would date one person that they were mildly interested in while trying to win the heart of their true romantic interest at the same time. If they got rejected and it didn’t work out with the person they liked, they would go back to their SO as a sort of safety blanket. It was really messed up, those relationships were clearly toxic.” — Isabonny

27. Sending dick pics

“Dick pics. You wouldn’t do it in public, why would you do it over the phone?” — maaack3nzi3

28. Expecting sex

“Expecting sex simply because you agreed to a date. Doesn’t matter if you buy food, drinks or a car because you choose to do taht out of your own free will and if you expect some guaranteed ‘return on investment”‘you need a prostitute. I’m saying this as a guy…if you think you pay for sex, well, go ahead and do it.” — HeavyCustomz

29. Using old pictures on profiles

“Old ass pics. I’m always amazed how people seem to think they look exactly the same after five years or more. come the fuck on.” — m55112

30. Using fake photos on profiles

“Using somebody else’s photo as your profile/tinder/whatever pic in order to attract them to you and make them go on a date with you.” — AlexisAllen2k Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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