10 Kama Sutra Positions That Will Give You An Explosive Orgasm

The Kama Sutra is an ancient philosophical text that includes a lot of practical sex advice. Perhaps most famous for outlining various sexual positions, the Kama Sutra is considered one of the oldest sexual guides. These are the best Kama Sutra positions to freshen your moves between the sheets.

1. The g-force

To get into this position, you should by start resting on your back. Have your person grab ahold of your ankles while kneeling in front of you. Then have them lift you into the air until you reach an angle where they are able to penetrate you. In order to help them keep you steady, you can always grab onto their thighs for balance.

“The first time I heard about The G-Force, I thought it was overly complicated. But after getting bored of missionary, I tried it with my boyfriend and now it’s my new favorite position. The first time we attempted it, my boyfriend put a little spin on it by holding both my ankles with one hand and using his free hand to rub my clit. It was the best orgasm of my life — and surprisingly it didn’t hurt my back as much as I originally thought it would.” — Elizabeth, 27  

2. The indian handstand

This position works best when you are tired of the bedroom and want to have sex in the kitchen, living room, or anyplace else with plenty of floor space. You should start out on your hands and knees, and then have your partner grab your hips and help lift you. Once you are airborne, you can wrap your legs around his arms to stabilize yourself. Then he can begin thrusting into you from behind.

“I’m an ass man. Doggie style has been my favorite position for a long time, and the only way we could really switch things up was with reverse cowgirl. But after reading the Kama Sutra, now we have more options. The Indian Handstand is my all-time favorite, because I still get to see my girl from behind, but it’s from an entirely new angle. It’s sexy AF.” — Gino, 22

3. the grip

This is one of the easiest positions from The Kama Sutra. You should begin comfortably on your back. Then you should lift your hips into the air, wrap your legs around your partner’s back, and rest your feet on his butt. If you have a hard time keeping yourself elevated (or if you are in a lazy mood), you can rest a pillow beneath your hips to add height.

“I’m guilty of enjoying vanilla sex. Missionary has been my go-to position since I lost my virginity, which is why I love The Grip. It’s nothing too crazy. Nothing out of my comfort zone. It’s only a little change to what I’m used to doing — but it makes a BIG difference. My orgasms are stronger than ever. And my husband is pretty happy too.” — Evan, 29

4. The bandoleer

Start on your back with your knees against your chest. Have your person kneel in front of you, take hold of your legs, and penetrate you from the front. Then you can rest your feet against his chest and your hands against his thighs.

“This is one of those rare positions that feel raunchy and romantic at the same time. I’m able to look my girlfriend deep in the eyes. I’m able to feel her nails dig into my skin. I’m able to reach down and play with her clit and nipples and hair. I love this position because I just love looking at her. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world.” — Nicolas, 23

5. The dolphin

For this position, you should press your shoulders against the ground, but let your person grab ahold of your butt and lift the rest of your body into the air. If that sounds too complicated, you can make this position a little easier on your back by letting your feet resting against the floor so you are not entirely raised.

“The Dolphin makes me feel like I am in complete control. It gives me the chance to act as the dominant one for a change. It also reminds me of how flexible and fit my fiancée is, which is a total turn-on.” — Tyson, 26

6. The rowing boat

You should start by sitting on the bed (or floor) facing each other. Have your person wrap his legs around you and do the same to him while lowering yourself onto his penis. Then take turns lifting up and down in a synchronized manner. The best part of this position? It gives you easy access to neck and lip kisses.

“We used to always get into arguments about whose turn it was to get on top, but this position has solved everything. The Rowing Boat encourages us to exert an equal amount of effort. One of us isn’t sitting back and relaxing and not lifting a damn finger. We are both doing work. We are both contributing. And that’s the way I prefer it.” — Teresa, 24

7. The erotic v

The easiest way to get into this position is by beginning atop a table that brings you to the height of your partner’s pelvis. Once you find a suitable spot, wrap your arms around their neck and your legs around their arms while they grab your butt. You can either have sex right there or let your person take a few steps away from the counter so you are completely in the air. Then they can start thrusting.

“Sex in public is my biggest fantasy. Luckily, I found a woman who shares that kink. We have done The Erotic V on kitchen counters. On pool tables at bars. Even on a desk inside our college library when no one else was around. I can’t count how many times I’ve used this position and I’m never going to get bored of it” — Eric, 23

8. The indrani

Get onto your back and place your knees against your chest. Have your partner kneel and enter you. Then you can reach behind him to squeeze his butt, run your fingers across his thighs, or play with yourself. If you want a better look at him (or want more comfort), then you can place a pillow beneath your head for support.

“This position creates a perfect angle of penetration and allows for deeper penetration. I usually don’t orgasm unless someone is going down on me — or unless we’re using this position. It gives me that butterflies-in-my-stomach feels-like-I’m-floating sensation.” — Jasmine, 26

9. The catherine wheel

Start off by facing each other. Wrap your legs around your person’s torso and keep your palms flat against the ground. In the meantime, have him place a leg over your torso and rest his foot on his inner thigh. Then he can begin thrusting while holding onto your legs and hips.

“Whenever I tell my friends about this position, they think it sounds like too much work, but it’s really not. All I have to do is keep my upper body lifted in the air using my arms and my boyfriend does all the thrusting. Plus, when I have my toro spread out instead of bent like in other positions, it makes my stomach look flatter and I feel more confident.” — Selena, 26

10. The shoulder stand

Start on your back with your arms pressed against the floor. Lift your legs toward the ceiling while your partner slides inside of you. Then have him raise you further into the air by grabbing your butt and lifting. You’ll know you’ve gotten into the correct position when your shoulders are the only thing left resting against the ground.

“I love watching my wife look up at me while I thrust into her. I love how tight she feels when both of her feet are resting against my same shoulder. And I love grabbing her ass. I just love this position.” — Stephen, 30 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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