Why Strong Girls Never Chase Cute Boys

A strong girl
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Strong girls send the first text. They plan out the first date. They lean in for the first kiss. They are unafraid of rejection. They embrace their feelings and express them without restraint.

Strong girls take initiative — but they never chase.

Chasing means sending double texts to continue a conversation that was meant to die. Chasing means liking every Instagram picture and sending unreturned snaps. Chasing means giving third and forth chances to someone who never deserved a second.

Strong girls never chase, because they refuse to accept one-sided relationships. They believe that both people are supposed to be putting in effort. Both people are supposed to show how much they care with their actions and with their words.

Strong girls do not have time for games. Playing hard to get is a turn-off in their eyes. They would rather take a chance on a boy who wears his heart on his sleeve, who is honest about his intentions, rather than a boy who acts like he couldn’t care less about whether the relationship floats or sinks.

Strong girls are not going to do all the work. They are not going to come up with more conversation topics if you keep giving one-word answers. They are not going to dress nice to impress you if you always show up wearing the same basic outfit. They are not going to go out of their way for you if you only care about them when the timing is convenient.

Strong girls never chase cute boys because they know what chasing means. It means that boy doesn’t like them enough. It means that boy is only half-invested. It means that boy wouldn’t lose sleep if they never spoke again.

Strong girls never chase after cute boys, because if someone does not organically want to be with them, if someone needs convincing to like them back, then that person is not worth their time. That person is not the right one for them.

They are not going to change themselves for a boy. They are not going to sacrifice their dignity to gain love. They are not going to bend themselves until they break, hoping that this boy will eventually see how much effort they’ve been putting in and change his mind about dating them.

Strong girls are willing to put effort into a relationship, but they are not willing to carry the entire relationship. They are willing to meet their person halfway, but they are not willing to stretch themselves thin. They are willing to act as equals, but they are not willing to get walked over.

Strong girls have strict standards. They have high expectations. They have powerful self-worth which is why they refuse to settle for less than ideal.

Strong girls are not under the assumption that a relationship is everything. They know the single life isn’t that bad. They are okay on their own.

So if you have feelings for a strong girl, you can either meet their standards or you can kiss your chances with them goodbye. TC mark

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