I Would Rather Stay Single Than Be Your Backup Plan

A woman who is staying single
Unsplash / Valerie Elash

I would rather wake up without any notifications than stare at my phone for hours, wondering when you are finally going to text me back.

I would rather have no plans set for Friday night than get dressed and excited to see you only to find out that you have to cancel at the last second.

I would rather fall asleep alone every single night than fall asleep in a bed that you’re going to invite a different girl into tomorrow.

I would rather learn to love myself than waste my soft heart on someone like you who is only going to take it for granted and see how much you can get out of me without giving anything in return.

I would rather have no one around to call me beautiful than feel like I need to shave every inch of my body and wear the tightest clothes in my closet in order to avoid scaring you away.

I would rather touch myself late at night than sleep with you when I know you are going to end up sneaking out of my bedroom before the sun rises.

I would rather treat myself as a priority than treat you as one when you have made it clear you consider me a backup plan.

I would rather tell my family I’m single than explain to them that I’ve found a guy who only wants me halfway and only hangs out with me when the timing is convenient for him.

I would rather live alone for the rest of my life than stare at the door, wondering when you are going to come home since your shift ended hours ago and you aren’t answering your messages.

I would rather be my own best friend than force you to open up to me when you keep pulling yourself away at every opportunity.

I would rather learn to love myself than say those three little words to you without hearing them back.

I would rather buy my own meals, my own drinks, and my own birthday presents than feel like I owe you my body for being nice to me.

I would rather spend my time meeting new people on dating apps than fight with you about flirting with other girls when you should be staying loyal to me.

I would rather spend time with friends and family who value me as a person than spend time with someone like you who only seems to keep me around for my body and the possibility of sex.

I would rather do everything myself than foolishly hope you will follow through on your promise to be there for me when I need you.

I would rather focus my energy on advancing my career than waste it daydreaming about someone who is never going to love me the way I deserve to be loved.

I would rather feel lonely when I’m walking through my own empty apartment than feel lonely when I’m standing right in front of you.

I would rather stay single than deal with all of the drama and heartache that comes from chasing after you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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