I Am Slowly Learning How To Live A Healthy Life

Living a healthy life
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I am reading more. I am sleeping the right amount. I am remembering to text back friends instead of isolating myself in my bedroom without any interaction for weeks at a time.

I am drinking more water. I am drinking less beer. I am creating a skincare routine and an exercise routine for myself. I am making a conscious decision to care about what happens to me after a lifetime of putting everyone else first and leaving myself for last.

I am slowly growing into the ultimate version of myself. I am seeing a therapist. I am attending meetings. I am making an effort to be more open and honest about my feelings. I am letting the real me run loose instead of playing pretend to the public.

I am learning how to cope with my anger. I am taking baby steps away from my sadness. I am replacing negative thoughts with positive ones whenever possible. I am releasing the pain from my past to make room for happiness in my future.

I am offering my loved ones my full attention. I am not staring down at my phone over dinner. I am not redirecting every conversation toward myself. I am listening. I am looking others directly in the eyes. I am relearning how to communicate in an effective way.

I am making the right decision instead of the most comfortable decision. I am following my dreams without hesitation. I am allowing my passion to guide me toward my next destination. I am trusting in my own abilities. I am hoping for the best.

I am eating healthier snacks. I am taking longer walks. I am catching up on doctor’s appointments. I am keeping my prescriptions filled. I am taking care of my physical health even though I am still tempted to spend weekends lounging on the couch with canceled plans.

I am putting in more hours at work. I am thinking more creatively. I am venturing outside the box. I am drifting from my comfort zone. I am seeing how far I can push myself, how much I can accomplish.

I am asking how are you and actually listening to the answers. I am giving more compliments. I am offering more smiles. I am aiming to make the days of others easier, not more arduous.

I am making fewer complaints. I am criticizing my reflection less. I am learning to change the pieces of myself that are adjustable and appreciate the pieces I am unable to nudge.

I am trying my absolute hardest — but I am not successful in doing each of these things every single day. There are days when I slip up. Days when I cheat. Days when I feel like moving forward was only an illusion and I am staying stuck in the same place.

But none of that matters. Those bad days don’t matter. All that matters is that I continue to try, that I keep making attempts to better myself, that I never give up hope again. TC mark

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