How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend (Because Sending Mixed Signals For Months Won’t Work)

A girlfriend and boyfriend
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Don’t ask her to hang out without clarifying what that means and don’t ask her to come back to your place at the last second.

Make your intentions obvious and schedule the date — a real date — ahead of time. Dinner and a movie. A walk around the park. A stroll through a museum. A miniature road trip to her favorite beach.

Show her you are able to make plans and stick to them without canceling or asking to reschedule. Prove you are someone reliable, someone she can trust.

Don’t play games with her. Don’t send mixed signals. Compliment her on her hair. Like her Instagram photos. Mention how adorable her laugh sounds. Brag about how she is the smartest girl you have ever met. Let her know you appreciate her outer beauty as well as her inner beauty.

When you miss her, tell her. When you randomly have a cute thought about her, text it to her. Don’t attempt to come across as distant or mysterious, because that will only make you look like a douche.

Be the kind of guy who is unafraid of expressing his emotions. Act vulnerable with her. Let her see the side of you that you keep hidden from the rest of the world.

Don’t make her question your feelings for her. Don’t make it seem like she is a second choice. Don’t make her wonder whether she cares about you more than you care about her.

Make it clear she is the only person you want. Making her jealous will only backfire. She doesn’t want to see you flirting with the waitress or with her hot friends. She wants to know you have what it takes to stay loyal.

Don’t introduce her as a friend. Don’t keep dating apps on your phone. Don’t make excuses about why you are too busy to see her every weekend. Don’t give her a reason to believe you are never going to commit.

Stop pursing your other options. Decide she is the only one you want. Set aside time for her. Make it clear she means something to you. Send her good morning texts. Bring food when you visit her. Be nice to her parents. Be her shoulder to lean on when she is going through a rough time. Be the kind of person she considers boyfriend material. 

Don’t act like you are okay keeping things casual when you want more. Don’t procrastinate asking her the big question because you are afraid of her answer.

If you want her to be your girlfriend, then ask her. Not through a text message. Face-to-face. While looking deep into her eyes. Tell her how much you like her, explain why you like her, and then ask her to become official because you would hate yourself if you let her get away.

Your straightforwardness is going to be refreshing because girls are sick of dealing with mixed signals. They are sick of trying to guess where they stand with a guy. They are sick of feeling like they are the only one hoping for a serious relationship.

If you want her to be your girlfriend, then do the manliest thing possible and tell her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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