Here’s How To Get College Girls To Sleep With You

A college girl ready to sleep

Act like a boy instead of a man. Open up car doors. Pull out chairs. Offer to split the check. Walk her to her front door. Call instead of text. Look her in the eyes instead of down at your phone (or at her cleavage). Take responsibility when you fuck up instead of placing the blame elsewhere.

Take initiative. Send the first text. Plan out the first date. Lean in for the first kiss. Pick the movie. Pick the restaurant. Show her you can take charge. Just make sure those choices prove you have been paying attention to her likes and interests. Prove you are different than the other guys, the guys who only see her as a warm body.

Act confident. Don’t complain about your ex who cheated on you. Don’t complain about the other women who friend-zoned you. Don’t whine about the past. Focus on your future. Focus on her because she is the one standing in front of you.

Take care of your appearance. Shower. Spray on cologne. Trim your pubes. Wear something other than open-toed sandals and snapback hats. Try button down shirts. Try leather jackets. Try updating your wardrobe with various pieces instead of rotating the same three outfits every single week until they get torn to shreds.

Flirt with her in person and over the phone. Compliment her dress. Play with her hair. Squeeze her hand. Sit close enough so that your shoulders brush. Rest your hand on her thigh while you’re driving. Linger after hugging her. Kiss her on the back of the hand or the top of the forehead. Make her feel like the most beautiful girl on campus.

Say her name. Ask her questions. Remember her answers. Show her you care. Show her you’re willing to put in just as much effort as she has been. Avoid acting like a fuckboy. Never talk about how you aren’t ready for a relationship or how you want to keep things casual. Agree to make a commitment and mean it.

See if she’s available days ahead of time, not when the clock is coming close to midnight. Ask her on a real date, not a Netflix and chill session at your dorm. Get to know her before inviting her back into your bedroom. Make her feel comfortable with you. Make her see you as boyfriend material. As someone she can trust. As someone who isn’t going to leave during a walk of shame and never return.

Stop expecting sex. You have a better chance of getting laid if you stop focusing on getting laid. Don’t assume a college girl owes you her body because you bought her a drink or smiled at her from across the bar. Don’t expect a thank you when you take her home and tuck her into bed instead of taking advantage of her either.

Treat her like a person. Not like a piece of meat. Give her your full attention. Give her your time. Give her your respect. And maybe, if you’re lucky, she’ll give you her pussy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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