Date Someone Who Will Be Your Plus-One At Weddings

A couple at a wedding
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Gül Kurtaran

Date someone who will take you shopping to search for the perfect wedding guest dress. Someone who won’t mind running from store to store until you are finally happy with your findings.

Date someone who will let you assist with choosing his suit so that your colors can match. Someone who won’t complain about having to dress up for one night, even though he’s used to dressing casual and comfortable.

Date someone who will hold the camera and help you get the best angle of the hair and makeup it took you so long to do that morning. Someone who won’t mind jumping into the photographs with you, even though you are going to take hundreds of shots and only like three of them.

Date someone who will have tissues ready in case you cry during the ceremony. Someone who will squeeze your hand and scoot closer to you when he notices you getting emotional to make sure that you are okay.

Date someone who will let you have a bite from his plate if you ordered two separate dishes. Someone who will grab an extra drink for you from the open bar when your feet hurt from your heels.

Date someone who won’t fight you when you ask him to join you on the dance floor. Someone who will hold you close during the slow songs and will jump around with you during the fast songs to make you laugh, even though he knows he’s probably making a fool of himself.

Date someone who will get along with your friends and family like they are his own. Someone who will joke around with your little cousins and will treat your older relatives with complete respect.

Date someone who will tell you how beautiful you look all dressed up and how he can’t wait to get you home. Someone who will claim you look even better than the bride in his eyes.

Date someone who will offer to drive to the reception if you plan on drinking during the night. Someone who will make sure you are able to have a good time and are able to get there and back home safe and sound.

Date someone who will give you his opinion on whether he likes the venue and the color scheme and the food options so you know what his tastes are when it comes to receptions. Someone who is happy to talk about what he hopes your own wedding will be like in the future.

Date someone who is always happy to be your plus-one and someone who never hesitates to ask you to be his plus-one because he is excited to show you off to all of the people he cares about. Someone who is excited to make you feel like part of the family.

Date someone who you can imagine marrying yourself one day. Someone who you can’t wait to exchange vows with, have your first dance with, and spend the rest of your life with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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