Date Someone Who Makes You Feel Stronger

A strong couple dating
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Never settle for a love that makes you question yourself. That makes you feel weak and vulnerable. That makes you feel like you are not successful enough, not attractive enough, not intelligent enough. Never let someone into your world who colors it gray.

Date someone who makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Someone who uplifts your spirit and soul. Someone who motivates you to reach your fullest potential. Someone who pushes you to your limits because they know that you are a badass, a goddess, a fighter who can achieve anything you set your sights upon.

Date someone who wipes away your tears and quiets the tornado in your gut. Someone who gives you words of encouragement when you feel down about yourself. Someone who squeezes the doubt out of you. Someone who helps you to your feet again after you collapse to the ground.

Date someone who gets annoyed when you say, “I can’t do it” because they know you can. Someone who won’t tolerate when you talk poorly about yourself. Someone who convinces you that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for. Someone who gives you the freedom to mope around when things fail to go your way — but then helps you pick yourself back up to try again because giving up is not an option.

Date someone who gives you the courage to pursue opportunities that frighten you. Someone who encourages you to follow what your heartbeat has been whispering to you. Someone who believes in you so powerfully that you start to believe in yourself. Someone who gives you the tools you need to learn to love yourself.

Date someone who says, “I know you can do it.” Someone who says, “I’m proud of you.” Someone who says, “You are doing so much better than you think you are.” Someone who knows exactly which words are going to extract you from your funk. Someone who can make you feel better with the soft sound of their voice.

Date someone who takes away your doubts. Someone who swears you are going to accomplish great things. Someone who is not worried about whether you are going to ace a job interview or impress your boss at your next meeting, because even if you are unsure about what the future holds, they are not. They have complete faith in your abilities.

Date someone who never gives up on you, even during the times when you are tempted to give up on yourself. Someone whose trust in you never wavers. Someone who is convinced you are headed toward greatness and glory.

Date someone who wants to be more like you. Who admires your work ethic. Who appreciates your passion. Who is proud to call you their person because they wouldn’t have it any other way. Because you are their own personal definition of perfect.   

Date someone who makes you feel stronger. Who makes you feel unstoppable. Who makes you feel like you are worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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