Are One-Sided Relationships My Own Fault?

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I wonder whether the reason I keep ending up in one-sided relationships is because of me. I will answer texts in the middle of the night, even if you ignored the last few messages that I sent. I will rearrange my schedule to see you. I will cancel plans to see you. I will drive miles to see you.

When I have strong feelings for you, I will make you a priority. I will drop anything for you. I will be there for you whenever you need me.

I have never seen the point of playing games. I would never want to make someone I care about feel worthless by sending mixed signals or acting distant. I want you to feel loved. I want you to know how much I care.

That is why I say yes whenever I’m asked a favor and sorry whenever even the smallest thing goes wrong. I want to spread happiness. I want to make sure you feel safe and secure around me. I never want you to doubt whether I am going to leave. I want you to feel confident I am going to stay and I am going to fight for you.

Of course, sometimes I feel like I’m too nice. Too lenient. Too forgiving. I let myself get walked over because I’m scared of speaking my mind and being left alone again.

I keep ending up in one-sided relationships because I give much more than I expect to receive in return. I never ask for anything. I am not greedy. I am happy with a small amount of affection.

I don’t mind doing all of the work in a relationship. I will send the first text. I will plan the dates. I will remember birthdays and anniversaries so you don’t have to do it yourself. All I want in return is appreciation. A thank you. That would be enough to satisfy me.

I am a giver. I give the benefit of the doubt. I give second chances. I give all of my attention to the person who holds my heart and in the end I get screwed over anyway.

People walk away from me even though I did everything for them. Even though I asked for so little in return. No one ever appreciates how much effort I put into relationships. They don’t seem to notice how much energy I waste on them because they aren’t paying close enough attention. Or maybe they just don’t care.

Maybe I should be more demanding. Maybe I should ask for more. Maybe I should stop trying so hard to make others fall in love with me and say screw you if they are not willing to put in as much effort as I do.

Maybe it’s partially my own fault I keep ending up in one-sided relationships. Maybe I need to raise my standards and lower my tolerance for bullshit. Maybe I need someone who cares about me as much as I care about them. TC mark


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    For me, you just have not found the right person. I see my daughter in a relationship and they call EACH OTHER all day long, it has been years they have been together and each are each others priority. It is a beautiful thing. You need to sharpen your feelers as maybe you are attracted to men who don’t want to be attached. I have given up dating because it felt that way to me too. So I am working on liking me better so at the first sign that I see the guy is not into me…I will scram. I am going to make one man a very lucky person, as soon as I figure out where to find them,,.lol

    Depressed Divorcee

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