50 ‘Never Have I Evers’ That Will Reveal Which One Of Your Friends Is The Worst Drunk

WARNING: Drink responsibly!
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1. Never have I ever shotgunned a beer.

2. Never have I ever gotten day drunk.

3. Never have I ever done a bar crawl.

4. Never have I ever thrown up in a taxi, car, or Uber.

5. Never have I ever drank beer from a funnel.

6. Never have I ever done a keg stand.

7. Never have I ever drank an entire bottle of wine by myself.

8. Never have I ever won a game of beer pong.

9. Never have I ever drunk texted an ex.

10. Never have I ever drunk texted my parents.

11. Never have I ever gone to a foam party.

12. Never have I ever lost my keys (or wallet or phone) at a club.

13. Never have I ever ordered something expensive online while drunk.

14. Never have I ever sang karaoke while tipsy.

15. Never have I ever drank in the shower.

16. Never have I ever told a stranger I loved them while drunk.

17.  Never have I ever cried while drunk.

18. Never have I ever danced with a drink in my hand.

19. Never have I ever thrown up inside of a bar bathroom.

20. Never have I ever made friends with someone on a line for the bathroom.

21. Never have I ever bought a drink for a stranger.

22. Never have I ever made up my own drinking game with friends.

23. Never have I ever woken up next to a stranger after a night of heavy drinking.

24. Never have I ever gotten wasted on a beach.

25. Never have I ever gotten wasted at Disney.

26. Never have I ever gotten cut off from a bartender after drinking too much.

27. Never have I ever went to work hungover.

28. Never have I ever went to work wasted.

29. Never have I ever called out of work for being too hungover.

30. Never have I ever snuck alcohol into a concert.

31. Never have I ever gotten drunk in Vegas.

32. Never have I ever gotten drunk in New Orleans.

33. Never have I ever gotten into a drunken argument.

34. Never have I ever bought a round for the entire bar.

35. Never have I ever tasted a jello shot.

36. Never have I ever eaten an entire pizza while wasted.

37. Never have I ever fallen asleep with my contacts still in.

38. Never have I ever peed in a bush or an alleyway.

39. Never have I ever sexted someone with a glass of wine in my hand.

40. Never have I ever made drunken plans that I regretted as soon as I was sober.

41. Never have I ever pre-gammed alone before a party.

42. Never have I ever played Edward 40 Hands.

43. Never have I ever gotten a piercing while drunk.

44. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo while drunk.

45. Never have I ever had sex while drunk.

46. Never have I ever been a regular at a certain bar.

47. Never have I ever thrown a drink in someone’s face.

48. Never have I ever woke up with no memory of what happened the night before.

49. Never have I ever wasted my entire paycheck for the week on drinks.

50. Never have I ever told myself I would never drink again and then drank the next day anyway.TC mark

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