When You REALLY Like Someone, You Won’t Send Mixed Signals

Brandon Baker

When you’re serious about pursuing someone, you never send mixed signals because you don’t want to blow your chances with them. You don’t want to risk chasing them away. You would rather risk the embarrassment of double texting them or telling them how cute they look in their latest Instagram picture.

Playing hard to get won’t even be an option in your mind. You will want to be honest with this person from the start. You will want your love story to begin as soon as possible.

Since you care about their happiness, you will want them to feel good about themselves. You won’t want to leave their texts unanswered for hours and make them feel insecure. You won’t want to cancel plans with them at the last second and make them wonder whether they are good enough for you.

You will want them to feel attractive. You will want them to feel important. You will want them to feel wanted.

When you really like someone, mixed signals won’t occur naturally. You won’t cancel plans with them because you’ll be excited to see them. You won’t flirt with other people in front of them because you won’t want anybody else. You won’t ignore their texts for three days at a time because the thought of going that long without speaking to them will kill you.

Mixed signals are only sent when you are half-invested. When you are holding yourself back because you want to keep your options open. Because you like flirting with this person but don’t necessarily want anything more from them. Or because you are scared of what would happen if you opened up your soul and unchained the gates surrounding your heart. Because you don’t want to let yourself get hurt again.

When you really like someone, there won’t be any hesitation. Your feelings will be written across your face. It will be obvious by the way you talk to this person and by the way you talk about this person. You will put effort into getting to know them better. You will ask them questions and memorize their answers. You will treat them like a first choice, a priority, a permanent piece of your world.

You will never be the reason they are sitting up at night, questioning whether you feel the same way. They won’t have to replay what you’ve said in their head again and again to figure out how you feel about them. They will already know your intentions. They will know how much you care about them because you will show them through your actions and through your words.

Mixed signals only appear when you are unsure about how you feel about someone. When you admit you have feelings for them — but aren’t sure if those feelings are strong enough. When you have fun flirting with someone — but aren’t sure if the relationship should take a step forward or remain the way it always has been.

When you really like someone, mixed signals aren’t going to be a problem. They aren’t going to exist. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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