When You Feel Like You Are Not Enough, Look In The Mirror And Repeat These 50 Reminders

A girl in front of a mirror
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1. I am not supposed to be rich and successful by this age.

2. It is okay if I need to spend an entire day in bed, doing nothing, to recharge. 

3. I should be proud of how far I have come, even if I am nowhere near my destination yet. 

4. I am becoming a better version of myself every single day.

5. The fact that I am still living and breathing means I am stronger than I feel. 

6. It is going to take time to reach my dreams, but I am willing to work my ass off to get there. 

7. If someone does not see my value, that is their loss. 

8. I should give myself more credit, because I am too hard on myself. 

9. I should stop caring so much about things that mean so little. 

10. I will hold onto the hope that my dreams will come true. 

11. But since hope isn’t enough, I will also take action to make those dreams come true. 

12. Everyone has flaws, even the people I wish I was more like. 

13. Even though there are pieces of my world I cannot stand, there is also a lot to be thankful for.  

14. One day, I will learn to accept the person staring back at me. 

15. I am not always going to feel this bad about myself. 

16. I deserve love, especially from myself.

17. With the right people, the inside matters more than the outside. 

18. There are people in this universe who consider me attractive, even if I disagree with them. 

19. I have been called beautiful before. 

20. I have been loved before. 

21. I will be loved again. 

22. I am never going to give up on myself, even when my faith wavers. 

23. I have doubts, but they will not stop me from pursuing my passions. 

24. The lives I see on Instagram are not the reality. 

25. Everyone is dealing with their own demons, even if their world seems perfect. 

26. I am not as alone as I feel inside of empty rooms.

27. I have the power to change my world at any time.

28. Making one mistake does not mean my life is over.

29. I am not the only person who cringes when they look in the mirror. 

30. I am doing the best I possibly can, but I will do even better in the future. 

31. I am not as lost as I feel during my weakest moments.

32. I am not falling behind. 

33. Starting today, I am going to stop criticizing myself, because I do not deserve to be treated like that by anyone, even myself. 

34. I am allowed to switch the path I’m taking at any time. 

35. I am allowed to relax for a change instead of working until I become burnt out.

36. Some people are never going to like me and that is okay.

37. The most important thing is that I learn to like myself.

38. I am not a failure for still living with my parents.

39. I am not a failure for still working a minimum wage job.

40. I am not a failure for still having a single status. 

41. Some people take longer to reach their dreams than others. 

42. I have nothing to be ashamed of because I am doing all that I can. 

43. I cannot change change the opinions of others. I am only in control of my own.

44. I am going to keep my standards high. 

45. I am never going to settle out of fear that nothing better will come along in the future.  

46. I am more beautiful than I think I am.

47. I am more intelligent than I think I am.

48. I am more successful than I think I am.

49. I am enough. 

50. I am more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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