Turns Out Lazy Girls Are Actually The Best Girlfriends

A lazy girl in bed with her boyfriend
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Lazy girls make the best girlfriends because they don’t expect you to come up with exciting plans every single weekend. They are perfectly happy sitting on the couch, binge-watching Shameless for the third time in a row.

They could cuddle for hours at a time. There’s nothing they enjoy more than being wrapped by your arms and falling asleep together.

Most days, lazy girls would rather stay inside. They won’t want to take the time to shower, get dressed, and apply makeup. They are perfectly happy snuggling in their pajamas.

In fact, any time they don’t have to get changed, they will stay in their comfy clothes. They hate wearing pants and they hate wearing bras. Lucky for you, they are going to be walking around half-naked half the time.

Lazy girls make the best girlfriends because they are not going to judge you based on your looks. They won’t expect you to have six-pack abs and muscled arms. They know what it’s like to skip gym days. To eat a few too many potato chips. To keep hitting snooze instead of being active. They won’t have unrealistic expectations for you.

These girls are low-maintenance. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what you do for a living. Material items aren’t going to impress them. Looks aren’t going to impress them. The only thing that will impress them is whether you’re a good person, whether you treat them with your full respect.

Lazy girls make the best girlfriends because they aren’t going to drag you places you have no desire to visit. They won’t force you to take mile-long bike rides with them or go for group hikes with their friends. If you aren’t energetic, that is fine. They aren’t going to try to change you.

These girls know how to have fun doing mundane things. Lounging on the couch. Listening to music. Going grocery shopping. They can take something supposedly dull and turn it into an adventure.

Lazy girls make the best girlfriends because they aren’t afraid of boredom. They aren’t afraid of silence. They are okay with the idea of sitting side-by-side with you, reading separate books. They don’t need to constantly have plans scribbled into their schedule to feel alive.

Because of all the time they spend indoors, they have amazing taste. They know all the best shows, movies, and video games. They are going to expose you to entertainment you can’t believe you’ve never heard of before. They are going to make you laugh harder than you ever have before.

Lazy girls make the best girlfriends because they go with the flow. They are down to earth. Real. Authentic. They aren’t going to lie to impress you, because that would take too much energy. They aren’t going to cheat on you either because handling one relationship is difficult enough. They don’t have the energy to betray you.

You don’t have to do much to make a lazy girl happy. As long as you are willing to hold her hand, feed her, and let her sleep on your lap, she will love you unconditionally  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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