This Is The (Dangerous) Kind Of Love You Have Been Settling For

Brandon Woelfel

The kind of love you have been settling for: He snaps you a shirtless selfie after midnight, even though he hasn’t answered your most recent text. You hold yourself back from responding right away because you don’t want to look overly eager, but temptation gets the best of you and fifteen minutes later you are typing out a response. Even though he was the one who initiated the conversation, he doesn’t answer you again. He must have found someone more interesting.

The kind of love you deserve: When your eyes pop open in the morning, there is already a text on your phone waiting for you. Your boyfriend (not your almost, not your ‘friend’) tells you to have a good day. You continue the conversation the entire day, texting back and forth whenever you get the chance. He never makes you wait more than an hour or two for a response and that is only when he can’t answer you because he is driving or his boss is watching.

The kind of love you have been settling for: He texts you when he’s three drinks deep. He tells you how much he misses you. He asks you to meet up with him at the last second, even though it’s getting late. He doesn’t care whether you have work early the next morning. He will keep pestering you about how he wants to see your sexy face. When he’s in the mood to be flirty, he can be pretty convincing.

The kind of love you deserve: He tells you he misses you. He actually means it. Even though he has been swamped with work lately, he manages to make room in his schedule to see you. He even plans out the date so you don’t have to lift a finger. He doesn’t mind putting in effort. The thought of seeing you is what gets him through the week. He likes you as much as you like him.

The kind of love you have been settling for: He tells you he’s not ready for a relationship because his last one left him broken. Even so, he keeps your hope alive by flirting with you whenever he gets the chance. He treats you like his girlfriend, but at the same time, he still acts like he’s single. You sleep with him to convince him to date you, but it backfires. You become a friend with benefits. You become something you swore you would never be.

The kind of love you deserve: He asks you on an official date, not a hangout session. He makes his intentions clear from the start. He likes you. He cares about you. He wants to date you. He doesn’t want to mess things up by moving too quickly, so he lets you set the pace. He doesn’t pressure you into doing anything you’re uncomfortable doing. He doesn’t mind waiting for your first kiss and your first make-out session, because he thinks you two are going to be together for a long time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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